Clash of Clans Spring 2019 Update adds Season Challenges and rewards

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Supercell is adding the equivalent of a season pass to Clash of Clans in the form of Season Challenges, coming with the Spring 2019 update.

A theme of the Spring 2019 update for Clash of Clans seems to be how to keep players engaged with the game. The update is introducing numerous changes to the in-game economy and overall gameplay to decrease the downtime in between battles and to ensure you’re not sitting around too long waiting for a task to finish.

This week, Supercell unveiled a brand new feature for Clash of Clans that seems designed to encourage player activity. Arriving with the Spring update, which now has an April release window, will be Season Challenges.

Season Challenges are similar to Clan Games but operate on an individual participation rate. They are essentially milestone goals that apply only to you. Challenges come in two forms: daily, which refresh every day, and monthly, which unlock every week.

Following the update, you’ll notice a new Season Challenges button in the lower portion of the screen. Tapping that will bring up a list of challenges that can be completed throughout the season.

Challenges vary and include tasks like collecting resources, deploying troops, or starting upgrades. Completing challenges will earn you points; the more points you earn, the more tiers you unlock.

There are two tiers of prizes: Silver and Gold. The Silver tier is free for everyone and will reward you with resources, magic items, and access to the Season Bank.

The Season Bank is also a new feature coming with the update. It’s a resource storage exclusive to Season Challenges. As you do your attacks in the game, an equal amount of the total number of resources you loot will be added to your Season Bank. At the end of the season, the silver tier, allows you to collect up to five million gold and elixir and 50,000 dark elixir.

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Then there’s the gold tier, which costs $4.99 to access. This offers “crazy good rewards,” including access to the full Season Bank (25 million gold and elixir and up to 250,000 dark elixir), one-gem donations for the entire season, and boosts for your training/building times and costs.

Completing the entire reward track of the gold tier will unlock the exclusive monthly Hero skin. The first month will consist of Gladiator King, a new skin for the Barbarian King. A new exclusive skin will be made available for each new season.

New seasons wills tart on the first day of every month and will end on the very last day of the calendar month.

The video below provides a more in-depth look at what else is coming in the Spring 2019 update for Clash of Clans. An overview FAQ can be found on the Supercell forums.

Overall, this seems like an incredible new feature that adds more purpose to Clash of Clans. Essentially, this is the equivalent of a season pass that we see so frequently in battle royale games.

Challenges add a goal to work towards and the new rewards are a further incentive to play more consistently. I do worry, however, that some of the benefits with the gold tier will turn Clash of Clans into a further pay-to-win model. That’s a risky path, especially since this update also seems designed to attract newcomers.

What do you think of the new Season Challenges feature in Clash of Clans?