Inside Out Thought Bubbles Tips, Hints And Strategies


It’s official: Inside Out is poised to be one of the biggest Pixar movies of all time. From its critical acclaim to its record opening weekend box office haul, the journey inside a young girls head to meet her emotions and learn about her memories has captured the hearts of moviegoers.

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Similarly, Inside Out Thought Bubbles has caught on quickly, combining the colorful cast from the movie with classic shoot and match play that calls to mind games like Peggle Blast while also throwing in some new wrinkles. But don’t hang around with Sadness or rage out with Anger if you’d rather pal around with Joy. Just check out our Inside Out Thought Bubbles Tips, Hints and Strategies and you’ll be clearing boards with the best of them, no matter how you’re feeling.

  • The most basic tenet of gameplay is to tap on the memory in the launcher at the bottom of the screen and aim your shot before releasing. The idea is to hit a chain of memories of the same color. Hitting a chain of at least two of the same color will make all of them, including the memory you just shot, disappear. Any memories freed up by clearing up others above them (that is, ending up with nothing connecting them to what’s above) will drop into the bins at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get credit for clearing them too.
inside-out-bank-shot /
  • It’s possible to make bank shots off the sides of the screen. Dragging the arrow will give you a good idea of the trajectory for your bank shot, but it has its limits, and you’ll often have to eyeball where the memory will fly after it hits the wall.
  • In early levels, you’ll simply have to clear the required number of memories in as few shots as possible to pass. The number below your launcher tells you how many shots you have remaining, while the top of the screen shows how many memories you still have left to clear. If you run out of shots, you can pay nine Gems, the game’s premium currency, to get nine more memories so you can try to finish successfully. Failing that, you’ll have to give up and sacrifice on of your lives, which are denoted by the heart icon on the main screen.
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  • Don’t like the color you currently have in the launcher? You can see the next one in the queue to the right of the one that’s loaded. Simply tap on that one and you can switch them. That ability comes in handy when there’s no shot possible with the color you have loaded up, as well as giving you the possibility to think ahead and set up your next shot with the current one.
  • You begin the game with the assistance of Joy, who has her own special ability that charges by clearing yellow memories from the board. When it’s full, you can tap the left-most button on the bottom of the screen to activate the ability, which makes the next shot clear any memory chains of any colors that it touches.
inside-out-sadness-power /
  • Later, you’ll unlock additional characters from Inside Out, including Sadness and Anger, who each have their own special abilities. One unlocked, you’ll be able to choose between them and Joy before you start each level. Their abilities charge by clearing memories of the corresponding color — blue for Sadness, red for Anger, etc — and are activated the same way, with the left button.
  • The other buttons at the bottom of the screen are used for power-ups, which you’ll unlock as you progress but cost Gems to use. Line Power extends the line drawn before you release your shot, helping you to determine exactly where it will hit. It lasts for the entire level. Rainbow Memory is a one-shot deal, firing a special memory that will match any color it hits. Both are extremely useful, but you’ll have to determine if it’s worth spending the Gems to use them on particularly troublesome levels.
  • Make sure you recognize your goal to pass the level you’re playing. A common one is to make a certain number of Skill Shots, where you’ll have to clear memories away from a target and then fire another one into the center of it to clear it. Another common level type is the Rescue Mission, where you have to free a specified number of Mind Workers by clearing all the memories that surround them.
  • Later in the game, you’ll also encounter levels where you’ll have to clear memories without having any of them touch a line that appears across the screen. The key here is to keep an eye on the number inside the gears on either side of the screen, which tells you how many shots you have left before all the memories left drop down.
  • Confused by the snowflake symbols? Those are called Brain Freezes, and have frozen memories arrayed around them. Brain Freezes can be cleared by removing all the frozen memories adjacent to them, but be careful with your shots — any memory that touches the snowflake will be trapped and added to the ones already ringing it.
  • Faded memories have no color or symbol inside them. You can’t make matches with them, so you’ll have to remove them by clearing whatever’s above them and causing them to drop to the bottom of the screen.

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