Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 trailer coming this week

Supercell /

The December update for Clash of Clans is approaching and it seems Supercell is getting ready to start the sneak peeks. Over the weekend, Supercell teased that a new trailer for Clash of Clans is coming on Wednesday, December 6th. While the “save the date” didn’t offer any details, we can assume the trailer will focus on the contents of the December update — mainly Town Hall 16.

Supercell confirmed that Town Hall 16 is coming with the December update. Presumably, the trailer will tease all of the new features and unlocks it will bring.

While we don’t know much about the update, a previous teaser seemed to indicate that one of the new features with Town Hall 16 will be the option to combine two Archer Towers into one power Archer Tower.

We don’t know how this will work yet, but it’s speculated that this could be a way for Supercell to address the current 100-building cap for the Home Village. By combining Towers, it would free up more space — perhaps for some new buildings coming with TH16.

Another teaser offered a sneak peek at what looked like a new Hero Pet. Again, no details were shared, but we did see an adorable blue creature hiding in the trees.

We don’t know if the trailer will provide specifics for the upcoming update or if it will just be filled with hints at what’s to come. It’s possible the trailer could be accompanied by our first sneak peek. Or it simply could provide room for speculation until the sneak peeks start — hopefully, sometime this week.

The December update is expected to be released on December 11. If that’s the case, then we can maybe look forward to sneak peeks starting on December 7th or 8th. That would give us a few days to break down the trailer and make some predictions before all is finally revealed.