Clash of Clans: In-game charity event ‘Clash for Nature’ explained

Supercell /

Supercell is hosting a charity event within Clash of Clans. Now live, Clash of Nature aims to take action against deforestation and clean up the ocean — and you can help simply by playing Clash of Clans!

So how do you take part in Clash of Nature?

It’s quite simple, actually. Upon logging into Clash of Clans, you’ll be prompted to join team Seas or Team Trees. When you pick your team, you’ll receive a free in-game decoration. This decoration commemorates the team you’ve selected, but you also must place it in your base in order to be a part of the team. Certain Clash creators have chosen their team so be sure to check what side they are on if you want to play with them.

Once you’ve successfully joined your team, it’s time to start earning points. You can earn points by collecting gold through home village attacks. Gold looted during your attack will count toward your team’s total.

The two teams, Team Trees and Team Seas are each working toward a specific goal to help the world. Team Trees plants trees to reverse deforestation, while Team Seas works to remove trash from the ocean. As you collect gold with your attacks, you’ll unlock community milestones that determine the total amount of money to be donated.

Once the contest ends, the creator of the winning community team will receive 50 Special Winner’s Kits with exclusive Supercell merch that they can give away to their community. Exclusive Clash of Clans decorations will also be rewarded.

The Clash for Nature in-game event runs from November 27, 2023 through December 11, 2023. The end date is interesting, as it seemingly aligns with the rumored release date for the highly anticipated December update. Supercell has confirmed that the update will introduce Town Hall 16 and leaks have suggested one of the features could be the ability to merge two Archer Towers into a mega Archer Tower.