Clash of Clans December 2023 update and Town Hall 16 release date

Supercell /

The Clash of Clans December 2023 update is coming soon. While Supercell hasn’t announced and exact date, new leaks coupled with the recently introduced in-game event may have indicated when we can expect the update to be released.

According to multiple prominent Clash of Clans content creators, the update is set to arrive on December 11th, which would be the second full week of December. This is not only in line with Supercell’s previous release cadence for the December update but also aligns with the end date of the Clash for Nature in-game charity event as well as the Hammer Jam event.

As noted by Supercell, the Clash for Nature event runs from November 27, 2023, through December 11, 2023. The Hammer Jam event, a special event that reduces the cost of building upgrades before a new Town Hall comes, is scheduled to end two weeks from today — also on December 11th.

Both of these in-game events ending on December 11th is likely no coincidence. It probably coincides with the Winter 2023 update.

Supercell has already confirmed the Winter update will introduce Town Hall 16 into the game. This was a bit of a surprise given that it’s only been a little over a year since we got Town Hall 15. But far be it for me to complain about exciting new content coming to the game.

Sneak peeks for the update haven’t started yet, although leaks confirmed new building levels and a feature that many noticed may have been hinted at in the Hammer Jam announcement video. While not confirmed yet, it’s expected that Town Hall 16 will provide the ability for players to combine two Archer Towers into one powerful Archer Tower. If true, this could help solve one of Clash’s biggest problems involving the 100-building max in the Home Village.

Supercell also teased a new Hero Pet, though we don’t know anything about it.

Given that the Clash of Clans World Championship just ended this week, it probably won’t be until the weekend or early next week that Supercell begins sneak peeks for the update and Town Hall 16. With how much content could be coming with the new Town Hall, it’s likely that the sneak peek process could take multiple days.

I expect the sneak peeks to start on Saturday and run until mid-to-late next week — maybe December 7th or 8th. We’ll then have the weekend off followed by the update’s arrival on Monday, December 11th. Keep in mind, that this hasn’t been confirmed. It’s just my own speculation.