Dragon's Dogma 2: Phantom Oxcart Quest Guide

Dragon's Dogma screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon's Dogma screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

The Phantom Oxcart quest is another Dragon's Dogma 2 quest that is EXTREMELY easy to fail if you don't pay attention to what the NPC's say in game. It's an optional quest out of Vernworth, but like most quests, it does not show up right away. You'll need to make your way a bit through the game before it becomes available. Our guide below shows you what to do and more importantly what NOT to do in order to pass the quest.

In order to start the Phantom Oxcart, you'll need to go back to Vernworth AFTER you unlock Bakbattahl the second main city. It will pop up as many do by just walking around and your character getting approached by an NPC. It will always start by an Oxcart station and it can start at any one in the city - it's random.

I found mine outside the same western entrance headed to Checkpoint Rest Town. You'll know you found it because a cutscene starts and the guy takes of running. Just go catch him and you'll get the documents you need to give Brant back at the inn - yes also at night once again. I let the driver go, but you can also escort him

Brant tells you to find out what's going on with the cart, so you guessed it, I had to run right back to it. Now, pay attention to what is said as you'll need to take off ALL YOUR GEAR before you talk to the guy at the cart. If you don't, the quest fails and you're done. This goes for the ENTIRE quest, so you'll need to fight any ambushing enemies naked and empty handed Mike Tyson style until you reach the end in Bakbattahl. These guys you can take out with your equipment since there is nowhere for the cart to run to as you're at the end anyway.

Beat down the baddies, grab the Labor Order and bring it back to Brant (yes, all the way back again) in order to beat the quest.

This is a HUGE pain as it's a very easy quest to fail. Hopefully, you didn't mess up before reading our handy dandy guide here and were able to continue along your journey. Dragon's Dogma 2 is out now on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Be sure to see our other guides here on all Maister ability locations, Sphinx riddle location, Sorceror/Warrior vocation unlocks, Vernworth castle vault guide.