Dragon's Dogma 2: How to Find the Secret Sphinx and Solve its Riddles

Dragon Dogma's 2 Golem Screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon Dogma's 2 Golem Screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

One of the most insane creatures (and quests for that matter) is the Sphinx in Dragon's Dogma 2. I've never actually experienced a monster in a game like this before. Luckily, I'm good at riddles. You, however, won't need to be with this guide. I'll walk you through how to find it, what you'll need and what you'll earn below!

First things first - don't try this too early. I got caught up just exploring and got my a** wiped at level 12. Make sure you are level 20, or at least have a couple borrowed massive level pawns. I played it safely and sailed through at level 22.

To find the Sphinx, you'll want to start by heading to the Ancient Battleground in the north-western part of the map. You'll see a town called Harve Village. Go west from here to Misty Marshes then west again up to the battleground. Now that you're here, get ready for some insanely intense fights. A camping kit would help. Fortunately, even though I forgot to bring one, I just happened to have one on me when I saw an area I needed it.

You will need to go to the top of the battleground and beat down a Cyclops. Now, play hop scotch across and into the cavern it leads you to. First, take out the zombie wizards. Yup, you read that correctly. Next, take out the phantoms after the campsite (use the kit here). If you don't have a mage or elemental items, you are out of luck as phantoms only take elemental damage.

After, you can take treasure chests with each one having an accompanying extra phantom with the treasure, or you can go outside and fight the golem. This dude is the man and ONLY takes damage from his power crystals. If you don't want to bother for the XP, just run past the golem, into the hallway, up the ladder to find the Sphinx. Phew! You made it.

Now, here's how to solve the 5 riddles and get the strangest prizes ever.

Prize 1 - Eyes - go to the dungeon, climb the broken wall right away and get the sealing phial.

Prize 2 - Conviction - this annoyed me. Give the Sphinx your heaviest item and you get a chest with the same thing back. Lol.

Prize 3 Wisdom - it's literally a pawn called Sphinxparent from the rift stone.

Prize 4 - Madness - Asks for your most precious item. I used an upgraded weapon and it worked.

Prize 5 - Rumination - This can be VERY difficult if you've explored a lot. You need a seeker's token. There are 240 in the game and you have to go to where you found the 1st one. Luckily, I only had 2 so I knew where to go. You'll get a finder's token to give to the Sphinx. This one is time locked at a week 7 game days. I ran back, but you could teleport stone back too if you had the equipment.

Now, once you do ALL OF THAT, you can rest easy and follow the path of the sphinx as it flies away. You know, this way you can find it and get the treasure. You will gain a lot of XP along the way, so take advantage of it and remember you can skip a lot of fights bu pulling a Jack Sparrow and running away to fight another day.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is out now on Xbox Series, PS5 AND PC.