Dragon's Dogma 2: All Maister and Ultimate Ability Locations

Dragon's Dogma 2 Archer screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon's Dogma 2 Archer screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

Dragon's Dogma 2 ultimate abilities are extremely powerful. Some are easy to get while others are much, much more time-consuming. You don't need to have your Vocation maxed out to get them, you just need to do the quest. Below, we take you through each one and what you need to do for it.

Fighter Maister - Lennart in Melve is the fighter maister. You meet him right away, but won't get the ability until later on. Once you get the Readvent of Calamity quest from Brant, go back to Melve and take care of the dragon. Talk to Lennart once you're done to get the scroll. Should only take a couple hours if you do just story quests to get it. It's the Riotous Fury Fighter-Maister

Archery Maister- Talk to Glyndwr. He's the elf in Vernworth in the market place standing directly next to Rodrick the weapon vendor. Give him a bow, buy one cheap if you need to. Come back the next day, rest on a bench or in your house if you bought it to save gold. He'll give you the trial of Archery quest in the Sacred Arbor. This is a secret Elvish village you can only get to by doing this quest, and it's packed with items for archers. Once done, talk to his father (can't miss it) and get the Maister training quest. When done this, talk to Taliespin the Maister in his home and agree to the escort. Completing this will get you the Heavenly Shot ultimate archer skill.

Thief Maister  - there are two in the Nameless Village north east slightly of Vernworth. You'll be sent here as part of a main story quest from Brant so you can do it very early on. The first is a decoy in the manor up top the hill. Afterward, you'll be forced to find the hidden entrance. This is outside behind the manor to the left.  Go down the ladder and through the maze to find Srail  - the real Maister. Your rewards are the Blades of the Pyre and Formless Feint weapon skills.

Warrior Maister  - You'll have to unlock Warrior first by returning the Greatsword from the Vocation Frustration quest. Do that, then go back to Melve where the fighter Maister was.  Go slightly northwest, very little, and you'll see Moonglow Garden. The Maister's name is Beren and he'll be here. This guy wants three swords which you can buy anywhere cheap. He also wants a "soldier who can learn". I had a random guy come up to me, I assume as part of this quest, and he came to meet him with me. When you're done, you'll halve to go to Beren's home as a kid to get the Arc of Might skill. It's near Battahl and shows up on the map.

Magick Archer Maister - this one is not really hard but takes a while to get to early on. If you're not going for archer, you can skip this until later in the story.  If you want it early, you'll need to go see Cliodhna on her island just east of the excavation site you start the game at. If you go before the story takes you there, you'll have to through the grotto south of Bakbattahl. She'll want you to take her husband to the hot springs to help his back. He is nearby. Doing so will get you the Martyr’s Bolt skill.

Mystic Spearhand Maister - Sigurd.  Complete the early quests of Scaly Invaders and Trouble on the Cape. He'll be at his house in Harve village on the far east side of the map. It says coastal hut. Just talk to him to unlock the class. Then, go to Dragonsbreath tower southwest of Bakbattahl to beat the dragon with him to get the Wild Furie skill. These are not tied together in quests and can be done far apart.

Trickster Maister - Luz. Won't be around until you do the Flickering Shadows main quest in Bakbattahl.  She's in a reverent shrine just east of the Enos forest by checkpoint rest own. After you talk to her, leave and come back at night.  Go up the ladder on the left to talk to the lady standing up top. This is Luz's body, not a ghost, and you'll get the Dragon's Delusion for figuring out the trick.

Warfarer Maister - Lamond. He's in the volcanic island hot spring where tje Magick Archer is. When you talk to him, he'll ask you for three drinks, which you can make from fruit wine and saurian tail. There's one here as well so you only need to make two. Doing so will unlock the class and the Rearmament skill at the same time.

Mage and Sorceor Maister - Eini, Trysha and Myrddin. Mage and Sorceror are the biggest pain to get as you go all over the map, but they are the best abilities. Both require the same 5 books which are found all over the map. Once you get 5, make forgeries in checkpoint rest town at the scrap shop. It's 6k each, so you'll need at least 30k gold. Give originals to Trysha (Eini) and fakes to Myrddin.

Mage ability is Celestial Paean from Eini. This is awesome as it lets your pawns attack without worrying about stamina bc the bar fills up so fast. The Sorceror ability is Meteoron (meteor fireball) from Trysha and Maelstrom (wind) from Myrddin. These are slow and quickspell doesn't help.

Trysha is in Eini's home just north of Melve. Myrddin in Checkpoint rest town. You HAVE TO BE WEARING the courtley tunic and breeches that you get from the stolen throne quest or he won't talk to you. Make sure to do this 1st so you don't waste your time. Tome locations: 1 is in Myrddin's home but he'll attack you if he sees you. I got screwed. Jump into the second floor from outside and grab it. Its called Let there be light. Second is in Melve and sold by the merchant guy for 5k. It's called Fulminous Shield. Third is in Vernworth by the guy Wal-Mart, the prisoner you have to help in the dungeon Caged Magistrate quest. If you didn't get it during the quest, you can get it by going back to the book vault from that quest and talk to him for it. It's called Towering Earth. Fourth and fifth are in same spot of Waterfall cave east of Borderwatch outpost. They are in a chest on the second floor. There are higher level enemies here so just be careful. They are called Hoeling Blizzard and Nation's death knell. Now that you have all 5, follow the above directions to make the copies.

There you have it, that's how you get all the Maister abilities for every class in Dragon's Dogma 2. Which one are you running with? Let us know below.