Dragon's Dogma 2: How to unlock Sorceror and Warrior Vocations quickly!

Dragon Dogma's 2 Beastren Warrior screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon Dogma's 2 Beastren Warrior screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

Dragon's Dogma 2 released today after a long, 12 year wait since the original. As expected, the difficulty of little to no quest markers and completely missable side quests continue. Some of these are vocations, and I'll take you through how to unlock the Sorceror and Warrior vocations EXTREMELY quickly as it is VERY missable.

You'll want to start off by following the main story to the first city of Vernworth. The main mission will have you speak with Brant in the bar at night. One of the quests you will get is the 'Monsters Culling' quest. Be sure to pick this up by speaking to him about every topic. Afterward, head over to the city center with the merchants and talk to Klaus - the vocation merchant. He is directly next to the stairs underneath the inn. Speaking to him makes you aware of some missing equipment and starts the 'Vocation Frustration' side quest.

As the video above shows, be sure to grab both of these quests. Vocation Frustration takes you to the same mine as Monsters Culling, and you don't want to make the trip twice. Once at the mine, it's easy to find the two chests. One has a staff, a 2nd has the greatsword. Each of these unlocks their respective vocation when you bring them back to Klaus.

It's imperative that you do these very early on as the skills you unlock with them are devastating to enemies. The Vocation Frustration quest is only available from this city from what I can tell. So, do yourself a favor and don't miss out on these early on. Good luck!

Dragon's Dogma 2 is out now on PC, Xbox Series and PS5. Let us know what you think of it below along with what your favorite main and pawn class are.