Clash of Clans: When is the Spring 2023 update coming?

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2022 was a big year for Clash of Clans. The long-running action strategy game saw the release of the new Clan Capital as well as Town Hall 15, all while celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The last major update for Clash of Clans came in December and introduced the Super Miner, Skeleton Park Capital District, Ram Rider, and a few other things. It was a comparatively smaller update for the game. But the reason for that was likely due to Supercell’s focus on the new Builder Base 2.0.

The Builder Base redesign has been a major focal point for Supercell early in 2023 with the developer sharing sneak peeks of the mode’s progress. But surely that isn’t all that’s in the pipeline, right?

Supercell aims to release about four major updates for Clash of Clans every year — about every three to four months. Following the December update last year, we are now looking forward to the Spring update. But when can we expect it to arrive?

Based on Supercell’s previous history, the Spring 2023 update should arrive between April (now) and early May. The Spring update in 2021 came on April 11th with sneak peeks starting the week prior. Obviously, we’re a little late for that timeline now as Supercell hasn’t even begun talking about the update.

Last year’s update in Spring was a big one, as it featured the introduction of the Clan Capital. This was a massive new area in the game where your entire clan works together to build and battle. The launch of this new mode probably had something to do with the update coming later than usual, as it released on May 2nd. The first sneak peek came on April 25.

Given that Supercell hasn’t even begun sneak peeks yet, it’s likely that this year’s Spring update will probably come sometime in late April or early May again. There was hope that the update would feature the new Builder Base 2.0 design, but despite the progress made on its development, it seems there’s still a bit more work to be done on it. If Builder Base 2.0 doesn’t come with the Spring update, it will be interesting to see what the primary focus of this update will be.