Clash of Clans: Builder Base redesign likely coming in 2023

Supercell /

Clash of Clans players looking forward to the redesign of the Builder Base will likely have to wait until next year. Supercell recently shared a rough roadmap of what’s to come, specifically noting Town Hall 15 in 2022 and the Builder Base redesign in 2023.

Although it’s far too early for details on what the Builder Base redesign will entail, community manager Darian Vorlick has acknowledged there are no plans to delete it and rebuild it “from the ground up as a redesign.” More than likely, the team will focus on specific aspects of Builder Base that players aren’t quite liking.

One example he mentioned was addressing the inability to quit a match once you’ve completed yours. Right now, you’re forced to wait for your opponent to finish their attack before you can move on. While this might sound like a simple change, there’s actually a bit more to it as matchmaking is based on your trophy gain/loss from the previous match. There are different approaches Supercell could take with trophies to address this, but again, it’s an example of how a seemingly minor change actually requires a bit more thought.

Another thing they’ve discussed is the removal of the head-to-head aspect and making combat more asymmetric, similar to the Home Village and Clan Capital. That idea seems to have been less popular with those who prefer the head-to-head nature of Builder Base. But again, these are just some ideas Supercell is tossing around at the moment.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t need a complete rebuild to radically overhaul how Builder Base operates. As Darian explains, you could change the AI of how troop logic works, remove H2H in favor of asymmetric PvP, and things like that.

“Builder Base, like all features in Clash of Clans, is not a single feature; it’s comprised of numerous features and systems all working in sync,” he explained. “Point being, there are many facets of Builder Base that can be overhauled, redesigned, or improved without having to start over from scratch. Throwing an entire feature away to start over from nothing is not only poor game development, it’s an entirely impractical waste of assets and resources.”

As you can see, there’s a lot of thought and planning that must go into the Builder Base redesign. But we’re still a bit away from that. Darian acknowledged that the focus right now is on Clash Fest and the upcoming Town Hall 15 (which should come in the Autumn/Fall update in a few weeks).