Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update: Clan Capital explained


Supercell has revealed the developer update video for the highly anticipated Spring 2022 update for Clash of Clans. And in it they detailed the newest Clash of Clans feature: Clan Capital. While this feature had been previously leaked, the video goes into great detail all of the mechanics of this massive new feature.

In short, the Clan Capital allows Clans to build together and battle together. But there’s a lot of details to know about this massive new feature, so let’s break down how Clan Capitals function in Clash of Clans.

How do Clan Capitals Work?

Clash of Clans Clan Capital - Capital Hall
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Each Clan Capital is divided into “Districts.” Each District is fortified with different defenses and has its own District Hall. This works the same as a Town Hall, maximizing the upgrade level of all Buildings, Traps and Troops in the district. They are also all unique with their own Buildings and aesthetics.

The Capital Hall controls the maximum level of every District Hall. Each District Hall controls the max level of Buildings within its District. Upgrading enough in a District allows you to upgrade your Capital Hall, which in turn lets you upgrade your District Hall again and so on and so on.

The Capital Peak and Districts

Clash of Clans Clan Capital - Capital Hall
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The Capital Peak is available as soon as you enter the Clan Capital. It is home to the Capital Hall, the most important building in the Clan Capital.

Upgrading your Capital Hall will unlock new Buildings and Districts, as well as new levels for those Buildings and your District Halls.

Each District is unique with its own Building aesthetics as well as terrain. Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can are the only ones who can move Buildings within the Clan Capital. The rest of us can only donate to help upgrade the overall level.

As previously mentioned, each District has its own District Hall that, when leveled up, increases the upgrade level of the Buildings, Traps and Troops within that District. You can upgrade District Halls using Capital Gold.

How do you use Capital Gold?

Capital Gold can be looted from Buildings during Raids. Within each District are Ruins. Each Ruin you repair, unlocks a bundle of Buildings, Defenses, Traps and Walls. Repairing Ruins and upgrading Buildings costs Capital Gold. All you have to do is tap on the Building to donate your Capital Gold. Anyone in the Clan is able to donate to any Ruin or any Building upgrade. It’s all about working together.

There’s also no Laboratories in the Clan Capital. Troops and Spells are unlocked by repairing certain Ruins and leveled up through the relevant Building upgrades.

Attacking the Clan Capital

Clash of Clans Clan Capital attack
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The Clan Capital isn’t only about building together. You must battle together as well.

Clan Capital attacks are meant to feel massive and it may take more than one attack to three star a District. While attacks are still done on an individual level, the damage you do to a District and its buildings is persistent, meaning the damage is saved in between each attack.

If your attack ends at 50% two-star, a fellow clan mate’s attack will pick up where you left off. Triggered Traps will also not be rearmed and Spells will last longer (even remaining on the battlefield between attacks), so there’s definitely some strategy to be had when deciding who should attack and when and where. You could intentionally lay the spells out for a subsequent Clan mate’s attacks, or target specific defensive buildings. Additionally, as you destroy more of a District, it expands the deployment area for future attacks.

So while you’re not attacking with Clan mates simultaneously, you are essentially still working together, laying the ground work for subsequent attacks.

Districts are grouped into layers and all Districts in a layer must be destroyed before the next layer of Districts open up for attacks. Each Clan member gets a set number of attacks to use over the raid weekend, but a bonus attack can be earned the first time you three-star a District. Once the Capital Peak is three-starred, you win the Raid.

Capital Army

Every Clan member has access to Troops and Spells based on the Buildings the Clan has unlocked and leveled up, which means everyone — even brand new players — can attack with the same Troops and Spells. You’re able to select your Capital Army without any training time or cost, encouraging everyone to participate.

When do Clan Capital Raids happen?

Clash of Clans Clan Capital attack
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Clan Capital Raids only happen on the weekend but will happen every weekend. To give Clans a chance to build up their Clan Capital, the first Clan Capital Raid won’t happen until a little bit after the update is released. There will likely also be at least one test Raid to make sure everything is working properly.

Matchmaking for Raids is based on your Clan Capital progress. Additionally, you’re not matched directly with that Capital as you would be in Clan Wars. It’s more like traditional Multiplayer matchmaking.

When a Raid is won, your Clan is automatically put into matchmaking for the next one. So as long as the weekend is running, you can continue raiding.

New Currency: Raid Medals

Raid Medals are a new type of currency being introduced in the update. At the end of the Raid weekend, Clan members earn Raid Medals. These are rewarded for each successful Raid and for how well your Clan Capital defends from other Raids.

Raid Medals can be used can be used to fill your own Clan Castle Troops with Troops, Spells or Siege Machines, so you no longer have to wait for Clan donations. Alternatively, you can also spend them at the Trader, who has new weekly deals.

Clan Capital is undoubtedly the biggest feature coming in the Spring 2022 update for Clash of Clans, but it’s not the only thing. There will almost certainly be additional sneak peeks over the upcoming days and weeks, revealing specifics about the new Districts and Buildings, Troops and Traps that come with them. Stay tuned as we continue our preview coverage of the Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update!