Diablo IV beta class overview

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It’s finally here! The Diablo IV closed beta starts today and runs through this Sunday, March 19th. Below, we take a look at all five classes with an overview of what to expect from each one.

There are a total of five classes in Diablo IV, but only three will be in this closed beta: Rogue, Barbarian and Sorceress. The remaining Druid and Necromancer won’t be available until the open beta next week. All five, of course, will be in the full game but progress will not carry over to the full game release on June 6.

Let’s take a look at the different classes in Diablo IV’s open beta.

Barbarian – Strength 10, Dexterity 8, Willpower 7, Intelligence 7

The classic tank character, the Barbrian is a brutal warrior that relies on strength rather than magic.  As far as the stat to level up, it goes without saying that strength should be your area of focus here.

Rogue – Dexterity 10, Strength 7, Intelligence 7, Willpower 8

This is your ranger character. Crossbows and all kinds of ranged weapons will be at your disposal, hence the high dexterity. Of course, there are daggers and swords for up close and personal combat as well.

Sorceress – Intelligence 10, Strength 7, Intelligence 7, Willpower 8

This is your standard spell caster class. You will have fire, lightning and ice spells at your disposal with both single and AoE spells. It’s a good class for beginners and veterans as well. Newcomers can strike from afar as they learn the ropes, and veterans know how to combine their spells into deadly chains of attacks. It’s the best for beginners in the closed beta, but as far as the open beta and full game, that title belongs to the next class.

Necromancer – Stats not listed until open beta

Even without the main stats listed, the Necromancer will be the best for beginners. It allows you to summon undead AI companions in order to help you in combat. You will have a variety of basic magic spells, with each type of summoned companion having its own attacks and upgrades.

Druid – Stats not listed until open beta

The druid is a shapeshifter that can become various animals and what not with varying types of magic consisting of earth and wind spells.

Your classes will be either male or female depending on your choice and none of the classes are gender locked. Be sure to check out our complete breakdowns of each class as well.

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