Diablo IV Beta Sorceress skills: Full list

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The Sorceress class in the Diablo IV beta is one of the deadlier classes in the game. Focusing on elemental magic attacks from afar, you’ll have no problem dispatching enemies with a decent build setup. Along with Barbarian and Rogue, the Sorceress is the third and final class in the closed beta this weekend. Below, we check out the full list of skills for the class

Basic Skills

Frost Bolt – Shoots ice at enemies freezing them. Can be upgraded to explode

Fire bolt – shoots fire at enemies and can be upgraded to go through burning enemies

Spark – shoots lightning at enemies. Can be upgraded to cause more damage to single enemy or surrounding enemies

Arc Lash – shoots lightning slashes out at all enemies in front of you. Upgrade to hit extra times.

Defensive Skills

Flame shield – sets yourself on protective fire shield to damage nearby enemies

Teleport – change to lightning and teleport to the enemy to damage them and you do not take damage

Ice armor – wall of ice surrounds you to minimize the damage you take for a certain time

Frost Nova – AoE attack freezing all enemies around you for certain time

Class Skills

Frozen orb – giant ball of ice that floats around and strikes enemies freezing them which explodes when it’s dispelled

Fireball – shoot a fireball in front of you damaging all enemies in its path

Incinerate – shoot a firebeam damaging enemies in front of you. Has a larger AoE than the fireball

Charged bolts – multiple lightning strikes all over the ground in different directions damaging varying enemies

Chained lightning – similar to incinerate, this shoots a beam of lightning

Ice shards – shoots multiple ice shards in different directions.

Conjuration source skills

Ice blades – Massive ice blades around you attacking nearby enemies

Hydra – fire dragon the breathes fire

Lightning spear – like Zeus’ spear, a giant spear that stabs nearby enemies

Mastery Skills

Blizzard – Giant snow storm taking up basically the entire screen freezing all enemies it touches

Meteor – fire ball that hits ground and causes massive AoE damage

Fire Wall – wall of fire that hits all enemies in its path

Lightning Ball – giant ball that moves and deals electric damage to all it hits

Ultimate skills

Deep Freeze – freeze yourself to freeze all enemies you touch that will explode after a certain time

Inferno – A fireball wall that goes back and forth then explodes

Unstable currents – lightning shoots from you and you also use a random lightning skill whenever you use a basic lightning attack for double damage.

Basic tips

The Sorceress class is a high DPS class but is low in HP for the most part. It’s basically the standard wizard spellcaster of other games. In order to get the most out of the sorceress, you will want to focus your upgrades around a single element. For example, maxing out all fire will give you more damage faster than a balanced approach with all elements lower damage.

You’ll also want to take full advantage of the teleport ability as well if you can. These movement spells allow you to act as offense and defense at the same time because you can avoid attacks while setting up other ones.

The Sorceress also has enchantments that you can add to attacks. For example, the Hydra summons a dragon that spits fire at enemies. If you put this skill into the enchantment slot, you will summon an extra head for every burning enemy a hydra kills. This essentially doubles up your attack for each enemy exponentially. If you choose a ice build instead, ice bolts or shards will be summoned by themselves and automatically attack enemies already frozen.

So, the Sorceress is an extremely well-rounded offensive attacker, but you’ll need to balance defense as well. Even with the high DPS, you’ll quickly find yourself in the jackpot without a proper build.

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