Diablo IV Beta Barbarian skills: Full list

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With the Diablo IV beta out in the wild beginning today, let us take a look at the skills for one of the three classes in the closed beta: Barbarian. The other two are Rogue and Sorceror, which we will cover in separate breakdowns.

The Barbarian is your simple tank melee character. Its resource is Fury, which will be generated by your basic attacks and transferred into more powerful attacks as you gain enough of it.

Barbarian Basic Skills

Bash – This needs a smash/bludgeoning weapon and has a chance to stun the enemy for a certain amount of time

Flay – This needs a slashing weapon and will inflict bleed damage

Frenzy – Needs dual-wield weapons and it unloads a barrage of strikes that will also momentarily increase your movement speed

Lunge – Simple straight forward stab strike.

Defensive Skills

Rallying Cry – Increases movement speed and decreases damage taken for everyone in your party as well as removing any debuffs on your entire party. Also does physical damage.

Ground stomp – Smash the ground and AoE damage anyone in the area

Challenging shout – increase your stats and aggro enemies for a certain period of time

Undying Rage – This is a good one. If you get hit with a shot that will kill you, you may survive as long as you kill another character within a certain amount of time. It can only be used once every few minutes.

Brawling Skills

Charge – bum rush enemies and hit as you charge past.

Leap – jump from a distance to slam down on an enemy

War cry – increased damage for you and allies near you for a certain time period

Kick – kicks enemies and knocks them back, enemies they collide with also damaged.

Fury Skills

Double Swing – Needs dual-wield weapons. Uses a back and forth sweep of both, hits those twice in the area of the attack

Hammer of the Ancients – Needs two-handed weapon and smashes down on the ground causing massive AoE damage to enemies in its vicinity

Rend – Needs slashing weapon and it slices all enemies in front of you causing high bleed damage on all inflicted

Upheaval – Needs two handed weapon and smashes your weapon into the ground into order to fling earth/debris at enemies

Whirlwind – Fast spin attack hitting all enemies in area for as long as your fury lasts per second.

Weapon Mastery

Primal Axe – launches weapon with a chain on it and pulls enemies in close to you

Death blow – Needs two handed slash weapon. If a fatal blow hits an enemy it nullifies cool down, allowing multiple strikes

Rupture – Needs two handed slash weapon deals insanely high bleed damage. If enemy dies during bleeding cooldown is nullified, allowing multiple strikes

Ultimate attacks

Iron Maelstrom – Needs two handed weapon. Swing your weapon around on a chain damaging everyone it hits in a wide area

Wrath of Berzerker – Go berzerk (glow) for 15 seconds with increased speed and damage dealt to enemies

Call of the Ancients – Summons ancients to help you for a certain amount of time

Those are all of the Barbarian class skills for the Diablo IV beta. Are you a tank melee class? If so, let us know what your favorite build is below. The Diablo IV closed beta is available this weekend until Sunday the 19th with the open beta running next weekend March 24-26.