Diablo IV Beta Rogue skills: Full list


The Rogue is the third and final class available in the Diablo IV closed beta this weekend along with Barbarian and Sorceress. The Necromancer and Druid will not be available until the open beta next weekend.

A highly well-rounded class functioning as your ranger-type player, the Rogue has a wide skill tree. Let’s take a look at all of the skills at your disposal as well as explaining the Imbuement system below. The basic skills are free while the others require acquired skill points and certain weapons.

Basic Skills

Puncture – needs dual wield. Throws weapons damaging and slowing them over time

Blade shift – needs dual wield. Stab your enemies and move through them for a time

Invigorating attack – dual wield – attack enemy and increase your energy restoration

Forceful arrow – a simple arrow ranged attack

Heartseeker – as it says, an arrow that seeks out enemies and increases your crit

Core Skills

Twisting blades – dual wield. impale enemies with weapons which return to you after a time and damaging enemies in its path

Barrage – shoot 5 arrows that fire expanding out as they go. Ricochet chance for each arrow

Flurry – dual wield. use a barrage of stab attacks over a time

Rapid fire – shoots 5 arrows back to back in succession

Penetrating shot – 1 arrow that goes through all enemies in its path

Agility skills

Shadow step – move undetected behind enemies automatically for a stab attack

Dash – a bum rush attack where you stab enemies in front of you

Caltrops – a backward jump then throw a caltrop on the ground that damages and slow enemies

Subterfuge skills

Dark Shroud – adds 5 shadows around you that absorb and minimize damage directed at you

Smoke grenade – grenade that dazes enemies for a certain time rendering them unable to attack

Poison trap – area activated by enemies that approach it which then poisons all enemies in area for a time

Concealment – invisibilty for a certain time. Any attacks will stop the invisibility

Imbuement skills

Shadow, cold, poison imbuements – These skills allow you to “imbue” or add the respective element damage to your weapons. Once you do, the first two attacks will add that damage to the enemy. Shadow damage causes the enemy to explode on death while cold on and poison simply add the damage to all attacks.

Ultimate skills

Shadow clone – a clone that does exactly what you do for a certain amount of time, doubling your attack

Rain of arrows – two arrow storms that drop massive amounts of arrows over the battlefield dealing huge damage each time over 100% damage

Death trap – activates with nearby enemy movement and hits for over 300% damage to all enemies in area AoE

Mastery skills

There are five of these, but you can only have one active at a time so be sure to choose one best suited for your current build.

Momentum – increased attack speed, damage reduction, increased energy refill for a time

CQC – damage nearby enemies increase attack speed for a time

Precision – Crit ranged attacks increase crit. strike damage

Victimize – damaging a vulnerable enemy has a chance to make them explode

Exposure – damaging enemy with trap has chance to reduce trap skill cooldown

Now remember, each one of these skills can be upgraded multiple times. This allows for a huge range of options when it comes to the Rogue class. While not as well-rounded as the Sorceress, it is a better option than Barbarian for some players depending on your style. The Rogue allows for both up close and ranged attacks with abilities such as invisibility and shadow which act as both offensive and defensive skills.

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The Diablo IV beta is available now to anyone who pre-ordered the game with an open beta coming next week. Stay tuned for more of our coverage as well. Let us know what you think below!