Madden 22: Week 1 roster update coming today or Friday

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The 2021-22 NFL season kicks off tonight with the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosting America’s favorite train wreck, the Dallas Cowboys, in what will surely be a one-sided blowout. Tonight’s game not only marks the start of the regular season, but also, potentially, the start of your franchise in Madden 22.

If you’re like me, you probably wait for the Week 1 roster update to go live in Madden 22 before starting your franchise. This update usually contains the finalized 53-man rosters for each team, so it’s the most accurate.

The question, however, is when will this update arrive? In the past, EA has been really good about getting this Week 1 roster update out by the time of the season opener. This year, it could come tonight, or on Friday at the latest.

In recent years, it’s always come out a few hours before the Thursday night opener’s kickoff. Hopefully, that’s the case this year as well.

Of course, you may still want to delay starting your franchise. In addition to the updated rosters, we’re all still eagerly awaiting the updated Player Scouting feature. One of the most highly-requested features for Franchise, Player Scouting will completely revamp how scouting and draft boards work in Madden 22.

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The new Player Scouting is expected to arrive with a Live Service update that’s currently targeted for September. Unfortunately, it did not come with the most recent Title Update #2 that released last week.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I believe Player Scouting will come towards the middle or end of September. Considering how quickly this month is flying by — it’s already September 9 — I can’t imagine will be waiting much longer.

EA has noted that in order to access to the new Player Scouting feature once it goes live you’ll need to restart your franchise. So at this point you might as well continue to wait beyond the Week 1 Roster update until the next title update so you can access this new feature.