Madden 22: September Title Update #2 now live; here’s what’s new

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Electronic Arts has released a massive new title update for Madden 22. The game, which launched last month, has been plagued by a number of issues across its various modes and today’s update does address a number of them.

Unfortunately, today’s title update does not include the highly anticipated Franchise Player Scouting improvements, which I estimate will arrive later this month. What it does include a number of other franchise updates, including improved head-to-head stability, a fix to the incorrect game result bug, fixes for multiple Weekly Strategy issues including one where defensive players were receiving the same boosts, and more. On next-gen consoles, they’ve now fixed an authenticity issue around Next Gen Stats and completion percentages. There’s also a fix for the Next Gen Stats tab of the Player Card.

As far as gameplay updates, EA is aware of the issues surrounding pass coverage — specifically the horrendous zone coverage which is easy to cheese in the game right now. I’m sad to report that today’s title update does not address these issues, but hopefully we get a fix in the near future.

"We’re continuing to monitor and collect the community’s feedback that they have shared with us. We look forward to sharing the actions we’re taking towards pass coverage."

That said, there are a number of other gameplay issues addressed in Title Update 2, including fixing an issue “exploit management to activate inappropriately when the defense had only 3 pass rushers/blitzers vs. running plays.” However, on Competitive game style, it’s still possible for this logic to run if you drop 9 or more defenders into coverage against a running play with a heavy set.

Other gameplay issues that have been fixed are a problem where the defensive end went unblocked too frequently in certain formations; scrambling out of the pocket being too easy when running RPO Zone Peek; and running back fatigue keeping them out of the game for too long.

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Across all platforms, more authentic historical content to the game has ben added such as historical uniforms and character authenticity. Stability improvements causing connectivity issues have also been addressed.

Basically, there are a ton of fixes. Check out the full list of changes and improvements for Madden 22’s Title Update #2 (September 2) here. Despite the lengthy change-log, there are still a number of other issues that players have made note of. We’ll continue to get regular title updates throughout the year to address these.

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And remember, today’s update is not the final 53-man rosters. That usually arrives at the start of the NFL’s first week.