Everdale: Supercell trades combat for peaceful, cooperative building

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When you think Supercell Games, you probably think competitive gameplay. The mechanics of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, which are probably their two biggest mobile titles, may differ, but the gameplay of both conceptually revolve around attacking and defeating other players. But today, Supercell revealed a brand new game, separate from the Clash universe, and completely opposite in gameplay philosophy.

Everdale is described as a “peaceful building game based on cooperation and friendship.” There’s no real combat in the game. No wars, no looting, just cooperative world building.

In the game, which is set in an all-new fantasy universe, you are in charge of your own village. You collect resources like wood, clay,  stone, raspberries and mushrooms. You can also research new buildings, upgrades and more to make your villagers more productive. Gameplay consists of managing your villagers, making sure they work, eat, harvest resources and crafting items to trade.

But your village is just a small part of this fantasy world. Along with your village are nine other villages run by other players. The goal is to work together as a team and continue to progress, sharing production areas and specialized buildings to craft items. Each team can see each other’s progress in real time.

The world expands beyond your area though. Everdale really opens up when you can craft merchant ships. When you’ve got these, you can trade with far-off lands that you’ll eventually learn more about.

Now anyone familiar with Supercell’s work knows that lore is a big part of their games. The Clash universe is incredibly vast, and it sounds like the goal is create something similar with Everdale. There will be in-game events that offer new adventures and gameplay, and even short stories to expand on the universe’s lore.

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Everdale was actually launched ten months ago but in order to keep it a secret, Supercell released it under the name “Valleys & Villages” from a fake developer account named “Osmium Interactive.” They treated this as an Alpha period, where they were able to learn from the limited number of players and study the interaction and team-play trends. It allowed them to continue to work on and improve the game without the pressure that comes with being a new Supercell title (RIP Rush Wars).

Now Everdale is at a point where it’s ready to be revealed to the world, or at least a small part of it. Everdale is currently available to play on iOS and Android in beta, but only in the select regions of Canada, UK, Nordics, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia. There’s no word on when we’ll be able to play it in the States, unfortunately.

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Everdale is just one of numerous games Supercell has in the works. Clash Quest is currently in beta as well, and we’ve also got Clash Mini and Clash Heroes in the pipeline.