Clash Heroes looks like a lighthearted Diablo set in the Clash of Clans universe

Supercell /

While we’re all very eagerly awaiting the Spring update for Clash of Clans, Supercell has a much bigger reveal today. The company announced not one, not two but three new games in development.

Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes are all set in the Clash of Clans universe, but it was Clash Heroes that caught my attention the most. In development in Supercell’s new Shanghai studio, Clash Heroes is a top-down, action-adventure game that gives off some lighthearted Diablo vibes.

Some early footage of the game showed various Clash characters adventuring through the world. Because of the nature of its core gameplay, Clash Heroes is drawing comparisons to Blizzard’s Diablo, but it does look like a much more watered-down version of the game. The player hub is minimalistic with what looks like two core buttons: a main attack and a special ability.

The adventures range from “bite-sized lighthearted” to “epic, like when you encounter a goblin giant or golem for the first time.”

“Whether you have five minutes or a half an hour, we hope to offer you a compelling gameplay experience worthy of your time,” teased game lead, Nan.

The characters you’ll play should be familiar to any Clash of Clans player. Some of the characters shown off include the Barbarian, Wizard, Archer and Bomber, but Supercell says these characters will have new twists to their appearance and abilities.

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While the gameplay and aesthetics might lead one to believe this is a watered-down action-adventure, Supercell is developing it so that more experienced players can customize how they play. It sounds like there will be a certain amount of character customization which plays into the synergy of Clash Heroes’ co-op capabilities. As it was revealed in the trailer, Clash Heroes is playable with up to three players in a party.

Clash Heroes is still very early in development so it probably won’t come out until sometime next year, but this is definitely one game I’m keeping my eye on. It’s so unlike anything Supercell has done before and I love that they are expanding their hit franchise into other genres. It looks like Clash Heroes is only in development for mobile, but I could easily see it translate well onto consoles. It looks like a prime candidate for the Nintendo Switch.