Clash Mini is an adorable twist on the Clash of Clans universe

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Supercell announced today a trio of games currently in development and while all three are set in the Clash of Clans universe, they are all wildly different from each other as well as their source inspiration. Two of the three games are in development at Supercell’s Shanghai studio.

Clash Heroes is a top-down action-adventure that looks like a lighthearted Diablo. You can actually read more about that game, which is the most intriguing to me, personally, here.

The second game, Clash Mini, is more in line with what we’ve seen from Supercell. It’s a casual strategy game with an adorably cute aesthetic. Thematically, Clash Mini is a board game within the Clash of Clans universe. And the pieces you play with are actually miniature figures, hence the name of the game.

“Imagine your favorite characters from clash sitting at the table and dueling with miniature versions of those around them,” teases game lead Fan.

Clash Mini
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Matches take place on a five-by-eight board (five across, eight deep). It begins with each player placing their minis at the same time on their respective side of the board.

The exact mechanics weren’t explained but based on early gameplay footage, it looks like each minifigure has a certain elixir cost. However, I don’t know how that figures into which comprise your initial deck for which minis you can play. It looks like a total of three minifigures are placed at the start of the round.

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Once the placement is done, combat begins. Unlike Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, you aren’t actively controlling your units. The fighting is done automatically. According to Fan, the reason for this is that Supercell wants Clash Mini to be an “accessible and lighthearted strategy.”

They want all of the focus to be on the strategy of troop placement. It’s easy to play, but so is Clash Royale if you think about it. Like Supercell’s other arena combat game, this has the potential for depth and I’m sure it will be supported with an esports scene if it becomes popular enough.

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Gameplay aside, the game itself looks super adorable. The graphics are simplistic and even more cartoonish than Supercell’s other games. And the minis are very cute. I could easily see these characters translating into toys that the kids go crazy over. Blind packs, anyone?