Mass Effect, Dragon Age and other games not at EA Play Live 2021

BioWare /

EA Play Live 2021, the digital event meant to showcase Electronic Arts-published titles, is set to take place this week. The main event showcase will air on Thursday, July 22 at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET and will feature updates on Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, the assortment of EA Sports titles and possibly a surprise or two, such as the rumored Dead Space revival.

Not all of EA’s big-named titles will be present though. Looking to set realistic expectations, developers behind some of EA’s most anticipated titles have already come out to warn fans not to expect to see their games.

BioWare, for example, has already confirmed that the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games will not be shown during EA Play Live. This is probably the most disappointing of the games that won’t be present during the show as these are some of EA’s biggest franchises.

The newest Mass Effect, which many believe will continue from the Commander Shepard trilogy, was revealed in December of last year. We haven’t seen or heard much of it since then; however, EA did release Mass Effect Legendary Edition — a remaster and re-release of the original trilogy — in May.

Dragon Age 4 is presumably further along in development, as we’ve actually seen cinematic teasers for the upcoming game. Still, it’s too early to expect anything at EA Play Live.

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It was also just announced that Skate would not be shown at EA Play Live either as it’s “not ready for prime time just yet.” That said, fans can look forward to something being revealed today.

So what can we expect to see when we tune in to EA Play Live on Thursday?

Well, as I previously mentioned, I believe EA Sports’ catalog of sports games will have a heavy presence. This means the latest in the Madden, FIFA and NHL franchises. EA has already revealed Madden 22 and FIFA 22, but we expect NHL 22 will get some time in the spotlight as well.

One of the new modes for Battlefield 2042 will also be revealed. I also expect more updates from Apex Legends and perhaps the revival of Dead Space. What do you hope to see from EA Play Live this year?