Skate 4 won’t be at EA Play Live, but something is coming

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Over one year ago, EA announced plans to revive the Skate franchise — much to the delight of fans. We haven’t heard much since though and with EA Play 2021 right around the corner, we were hoping that would change.

Unfortunately, we can now add Skate to the growing list of games that won’t be present during EA’s showcase. In a tweet today, EA provided a bit of an update on the status of the next Skate game, which still doesn’t have a proper title yet.

The message began by recounting how the studio formed back in January and how they hired a bunch of “super talented people.” Since then, they’ve been “working hard on the game.” But the fact remains, it’s still too early in development and the team isn’t quite comfortable enough to show anything to the fans. So they are skipping EA Play Live.

It’s not all bad news though. The team promised to “share a little something” with us tomorrow. We don’t know what that something is. I’m going to guess it will be some sort of logo reveal, finally confirming whether this will be Skate 4, or a remaster of a previous game. Or perhaps it will be like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and remaster multiple games in one go.

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While it’s easy to be upset that Skate will not be shown during EA Play Live, I respect the team for not wanting to reveal things before it’s ready. How often do we see publishers roll out a game when it’s so early in development and then fans get upset that it’s years later and the game is still not released.

I’d rather them take the time to ensure everything is polished and where it needs to be before they start sharing trailers and making promises. I admire that their “number one goal is not to blow it.”

So check back tomorrow as there will be some sort of Skate news.