The next chapter in Mass Effect looks like a true Mass Effect 4

BioWare /

Was that Liara? Are we returning to the Milky Way Galaxy? The first teaser for the next chapter of Mass Effect suggests we’re getting Mass Effect 4.

We’re getting Mass Effect 4! No, not that prequel garbage that was Mass Effect: Andromeda — a real Mass Effect 4, set after the events of the original trilogy.

Okay, so BioWare hasn’t officially confirmed this but the first proper teaser trailer for the next chapter of Mass Effect was released during The Game Awards 2020 and it strongly suggests it will be set after the events of the third game in the beloved sci-fi franchise.

The nearly two-minute-long video doesn’t show much but what was shown has me — and the rest of the Mass Effect fandom — abuzz with excitement. Before I spoil anything, watch it below first.

Okay, so that was definitely a dead Reaper in the background. And that Asari was… Liara? Who’s N7 armor was that?

I have all of these questions, but all of it points to the next chapter of Mass Effect being Mass Effect 4, a proper follow-up sequel to the epic trilogy. I don’t know whether it will carry the “4” moniker but that part doesn’t matter. What matters is it looks like we’re returning to the Milky Way galaxy and exploring life after Commander Shepard.

Assuming this is a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3, it would be perfect timing because BioWare previously announced that the original trilogy will be remastered and re-released as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This will give fans a chance to replay (or experience for the first time) what is arguably the greatest sci-fi video game trilogy of all time.

And then when you’re done, we’re hopefully a bit closer to the release of this new Mass Effect. BioWare has apparently only just begun pre-production on this game, so it probably won’t be ready until 2022 or even 2023 at the earliest.

Still, the prospect of returning to the series roots has me very excited! That said, I’m still cautiously optimistic, especially after the dud that was Mass Effect: Andromeda. I actually didn’t hate Andromeda as much as the rest of the internet, but there’s no doubt it was a disappointment compared to the original trilogy. And it was filled with bugs, so that’s no fun.

I’m not sure anyone predicted a return to the original trilogy storyline but here’s hoping that the next chapter of Mass Effect can live up to the expectations.