Can you buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is almost upon us with a release scheduled for this Friday. On May 14, fans of the beloved sci-fi franchise will be able to replay the first three games in the franchise, which comprise the Commander Shepard saga. And they’ve been completely remastered with visual enhancements, technical improvements, and gameplay optimizations.

Basically, this is everything a fan of Mass Effect has ever wanted (besides another installment that continues this storyline and not whatever that Andromeda prequel stuff was). But it’s still not quite perfect.

You see, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was announced in November around the time the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S launch. Oddly enough, the game wasn’t announced for next-gen consoles. And if you go to pre-order the game, you’ll see you can only purchase it on PC (Origin or Steam), Xbox One, or PS4. In other words, it’s not available for Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5.

But fret not. Although a specific next-gen version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition won’t be available for purchase, you can still buy the game and play it on next-gen consoles thanks to backward compatibility.

Because of its backward compatibility, you’ll be able to purchase the game digitally on your next-gen console’s store. It won’t technically be a “next-gen” game but it will have “targeted enhancements.”

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It was recently confirmed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be able to run up to 60fps at 4K in Favor Quality or up to 120FPS at 1440p in Favor Framerate on Xbox Series X. On PS5, the frame rate is capped at 60fps regardless of whether you’re playing in Favor Quality (4K) or Favor Framerate (1440p). So Xbox Series X seems to have a slight advantage here, although the game will clearly perform better on either next-gen console versus last-gen.

So to sum it up, PS5 or Xbox Series X version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition won’t be released. However, you will be able to buy and play it on next-gen consoles and experience a slight performance and visual improvement compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.