Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date: Relive the trilogy on May 14

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Last year on N7 Day, Electronic Arts and BioWare announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remaster of the beloved sci-fi trilogy. Yes, I’m aware of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but this one focuses on the Commander Shepard storyline, which was told through the first three games. I’m sure a lot of fans don’t even acknowledge the existence of Andromeda.

In any case, fans of the original trilogy will be able to relive the legend of Commander Shepard, remastered in glorious 4K Ultra HD with HDR on May 14. The game is releasing on PC via Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And while specific next-gen versions won’t be released, the game will be forward compatible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The trilogy’s visuals have undergone a tremendous facelift with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. We’re talked remastered character models with “tens of thousands of up-ressed textures,” as well as “improvements to shaders and VFX, updated lighting and improved dynamic shadows, volumetrics and depth-of-field” Pre-rendered cinematics have also been “enhanced.”

These improvements alone should make replaying the trilogy a ton of fun on last-gen consoles. But apparently, the game will also have “targeted enhancements” on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, so it could look and run even better.

In addition to enhancements to the visuals and graphics, some improvements have also been made to the gameplay itself. Interfaces and UI have been updated and combat and exploration have bee been “modernized through improved aiming, squad controls and behavior, Mako handling and cameras.”

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Even the character creation options have been expanded upon with new hair, makeup and skin tone options. And character creation options have been unified across all three games, including the default female Shepard appearance now available across all three games.

The third installment in the main Mass Effect trilogy was last released in 2012. That means we’ve gone nearly a decade without Commander Shepard. It’s time for a new generation of gamers to relive his story and experience what is arguably the best sci-fi action series ever. And I can’t think of a better way to do so.

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In addition to containing all three games (Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3), the Legendary Edition also features 40+ downloadable content (DLC) story, weapons and armor packs. You’re getting the complete experience with this one.