Override 2 finishes its Ultraman Season Pass with Dan Moroboshi

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Override 2, the ridiculous mech battling, added frosting to their cake in the form of a season pass that introduced characters from the most recent Ultraman series to their game. Four characters were promised and so far we have received Bemular, Black King, and, of course, Ultraman himself. Finally, we get the excellent fourth character, Dan Moroboshi.

Sporting Ultraman Suit 7 and wielding a Spacium blade katana, Dan Moroboshi more than makes up being the lightest of the four with ridiculous range and speed.

He’s got a projectile that cuts across the stage, a strong double jump, diving strikes, and an aerial uppercut that hits crazy heights, setting the enemy up for powerful combos, especially if playing with a partner.

I’m not going to lie, I think Dan’s going to be my new main. As much as I love sticking with Ultraman, Dan’s speed almost breaks the game with how much range he can cover at once. There’s honestly no distance where he can’t get you.

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If you have the season pass for Override 2: Super Mech League and you’ve got the other Ultraman characters, he should be installed already, if not, get on that because he is an absolute blast to play as, as long as you’re playing against someone who doesn’t get completely upset over the ridiculous hitbox attached to that sword. If you watch in the trailer, there’s literally a part in which Dan Moroboshi’s upward slash goes between two opponents and sends them both into the air.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of that… unless I’m playing as him and then I’ll be ready with such excuses like “a sword the size of a skyscraper would carry a massive amount of wind behind it when swung, of course, it hits them.”

There’s no word yet on whether there’s going to be a second Ultraman season pass but probably not as the four main characters are already covered in this. Though, personally, I’d love to see them add Agent Adad from the Ultraman manga. Not because I like the character but as I’m “a dad” myself, I’d love to be able to make the “a dad” pun every single time I play.

If you don’t have the Ultraman Season Pass, snag that now for Override 2 at $14.99.