Ultraman’s Black King smashes his way into Override 2: Super Mech League

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A little ways back I talked about Ultraman and Bemular from the Ultraman anime making their way to Override 2: Super Mech League. As the third part of the Ultraman DLC add-on for the massive mech battler, Override 2, massive kaiju Black King has reared its ugly head…and its many, many ugly spikes.

Black King plays exactly like you’d expect, even if you weren’t familiar with Ultraman. He plays as a kaiju should. He’s ridiculously slow but if he gets a hit in it’s going to be embarrassing for the opponent.

In addition to a series of very powerful moves — like headbutts, a charging smash and a throw where he yeets you away like a frisbee — Black King also has one of the more brutal Ultimate attacks I’ve seen thus far. The massive kaiju picks you up near the neck, brings your face close to his, and then lets loose a series of close-range fire breath blasts before throwing your smoking remains into the distance. Even in a game where people several stories tall pick up radio towers and smash each other over the head with them, the move still made me winch.

It might be a little difficult to get used to Black King as he was not built for speed at all and missing with even a regular attack will leave you wide open, but if you can master him, you’ll be able to get one over on your opponent as you life your opponent over you.

Ultraman's Black King smashes his way into Override 2: Super Mech League
Modus Games /

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If you have the Ultraman DLC pack or the deluxe edition of the game and it’s up to date, congrats, you have Black King in your roster. If not, I’d recommend doing so. The DLC isn’t going anywhere but having a massive kaiju in your roster makes this title that much more worth it for fans of giant battles. For a game about characters this size, it’s always been surprisingly light on classic-looking kaiju so this was something I felt the game desperately needed.

If you have Override 2 and haven’t snagged the Ultraman season pass yet, it’s 14.99 right now. In addition to the towering Black King, you also get Ultraman himself, the villainous Bemular and, in the near future, the ever-slashy Dan Moroboshi. Plus, you don’t just get the four characters. You also get a ton of extra customization options for all characters. Everything from a line of Ultraman-inspired caps and hats to chibi recreations of some of Ultraman’s most iconic helmets and monster noggins. It’s well worth it for any Ultraman fan out there.