Genshin Impact: Why you need to Wish for Tartaglia in 1.4

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Tartaglia is one the game’s premier damage characters, and his banner is coming back in 1.4. Venti may have been the star of the Windblume Festival show, but this update’s Tartaglia banner is another worthy one to spend your hard earned Primogems on.

Genshin Impact: Why you should Wish for Tartaglia in 1.4

Tartaglia’s return is good, but the new featured four-star character Rosaria makes the banner great. If you’re Wishing for Tartaglia, you’ll be sure to get a Rosaria or two. Both of them play well together, and make for a devastating combination.

Let’s break the combo down: Tartaglia is the game’s best (and really only) Hydro DPS, as he attacks quickly and constantly deals Hydro damage. His Elemental Skill changes his stance, giving him blades of water that change his normal attacks to Hydro slashes.

Tartaglia has a unique ability in Riptide, a status condition he deals when landing charged arrows or critical hits at higher ascensions. Hitting enemies affected by Riptide will cause them to take extra damage and cause splash damage that can hit other enemies. Tartaglia wants to get in close with a bunch of enemies to deal maximum damage.

Rosaria on the other hand is expected to be a great Cryo support unit with her Elemental Burst. It creates an Ice Lance that deals Cryo damage over time. Her passive talent gives every character on your team besides Rosaria a bonus to CRIT Rate when her Burst is out.

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With Rosaria’s Ice Lance out and Tartaglia dealing Hydro damage with each attack, enemies will become Frozen frequently. Tartaglia will have an increased CRIT Rate due to Rosaria’s ability, making it easier to trigger Riptide. While enemies are stuck in place, the Riptide Slashes can hit more enemies.

At second Constellation, Rosaria’s Burst will last for 12 seconds, giving you plenty of time to let Tartaglia mow down a horde enemies while they’re rendered immobile. It may be lofty to expect to pull three copies of Rosaria, but if you’re going for Tartaglia there’s a good chance you’ll get them.

Even if you already have a Tartaglia, it’ll be worth Wishing in this event banner to get Rosaria. If you get lucky, you might even get another Tartaglia. His first Constellation reduces the cool-down of his Elemental Skill, mitigating his downtime as primary DPS.

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If you miss Rosaria this time around, she’ll be added to the standard Wish banner when the event is over.