Genshin Impact Wish Guide: How does Pity work?

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Pity is a word you’ll hear a lot of when you talk about Genshin Impact, or Gacha games in general. It’s a failsafe to keep you from blowing through Primogems without the chance for a five-star. Exactly how does pity work in Genshin Impact?

Pulls/draw/rolls in Genshin Impact are done through the Wish system, letting you use one Acquaint Fate for the standard banner or one Intertwined Fate for the event and weapon banners. There are three banners up at a time, with the contents and drop rates slightly altered between them. For example, the event banner will have the currently featured character with an increased rate.

How does Pity work in Genshin Impact?

Don’t let this be you. Here’s everything you need to know about Wishes and pity in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, you’re guaranteed a four-star or higher item on the tenth Wish if you haven’t pulled one yet in a banner. This resets every time you get a four-star or higher item.

For the event and standard banner, you’ll be guaranteed a five-star character on the 90th pull. This is what’s known as pity, and there are a few variations on this rule across the banners.

There’s something called “soft pity” that greatly increases your chances of getting a five-star character at 70 Wishes. Every five-star character I’ve gotten has been hit at 70-75 rolls or earlier, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to actually hit 90 rolls.

From here, the event odds start kicking in. In the event character banner, you have a 50% chance of hitting a featured four or five-star character when you hit that respective item rarity. If you’re an incredibly unlucky individual, you’ll need 180 rolls at maximum to get a five-star event character.

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The weapon banner works slightly differently, with pity being set at 80 rolls instead of 90. Soft pity on the weapon banner is around 50-60. You have a 75% chance of getting a featured weapon in its respective rarity. Weapon banners do not contain five-star characters, but can have four-star characters.

For event and weapon banners, if you did not pull a featured item the first time you get a four-star or higher item, you’ll be guaranteed it. This applies to both four-star and five-star items, and rolls over to the next event. For example, if you got a five-star character that wasn’t the event featured one, the next time you get a five-star character on the banner, it will be the currently featured one even if the event character has changed. Think of the game as having only three banners, with the contents changing periodically.

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If you want to track your Wish history, you can do so from the Wish screen. It only saves the last six months, however. Use this to estimate when you can expect to hit the items you want.