PS5: GameStop will have limited PlayStation 5 bundles on launch day

GameStop has confirmed it will have a limited number of PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles available on launch day, but you can only purchase it as a bundle.

While we were previously unsure if GameStop would be carrying the PlayStation 5 in stock on launch day, the retailer has confirmed that they will indeed have a limited number of PS5 consoles available for purchase. However, there is a catch.

Similar to what GameStop did with the Xbox Series X, you’ll only be able to buy the PlayStation 5 as part of a bundle. The retailer didn’t specify what these bundles will include or how much they will cost, but a quick search reveals two possible pages ready to go live tonight: PlayStation 5 Starter System Bundle and the Ultimate PlayStation 5 System Bundle. Again, pages aren’t live yet, but I imagine they will be at midnight tonight when the PS5 officially launches.

For comparison, the Xbox Series X bundles GameStop carried featured the console itself, a specially-designed wireless controller, a gaming headset, a free game (Gears Tactics or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla) and a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The bundles ranged in price from $769 to $900. For comparison, the Xbox Series X cost $499, so you were definitely paying way more than if you were to purchase it standalone. But you were also getting peripherals and whatnot.

I’m going to assume any PlayStation 5 bundle GameStop carries will feature the console with the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive. This console model is the more expensive one, priced at $499.  Comparatively, the PS5 Digital Edition is priced at $399.

It’s unclear what extras they’ll throw in or how much it will drive up the price, but I’m going to guess it will come with a special controller and a headset at least. Perhaps you’ll also get a game (maybe Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales?) as well as a membership to PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now.

Personally, I’d prefer to buy the console on its own, but if you’re desperate enough, GameStop is an option — if you don’t mind paying for extras.

Alternatively, you can try your luck with one of the other retailers. Walmart and Target will definitely be carrying PS5 consoles online and I’m pretty sure Amazon and Best Buy will be as well. As Sony has already stated, you’ll only be able to buy the PlayStation 5 online on launch day as to avoid massive crowds from gathering (thanks, Coronavirus).

If you’re holding hope for GameStop, the PS5 console bundles will be available on the retailer’s website this evening. The PS5 releases on November 11, so the bundles will probably go live exactly at midnight (assuming the site doesn’t crash). I know that’s technically “launch day” but they’ll be gone within seconds so don’t plan on buying one in the morning. May the odds be ever in your favor.