Target: PS5 will be available online only on launch day

Target has informed us that PS5 consoles will be available on launch day, November 12, but there’s a catch.

If you were unable to pre-order a PlayStation 5 and looking to buy one on launch day, Target has informed us that they will have the next-gen console available on November 12. The retailer was asked (in a since-deleted tweet) when the retailer would have PS5 consoles available to sell. Target responded with a straightforward: “Available 11/12/2020 in-store.”

However, it appears that it’s not that simple. Clarifying the PS5 availability in additional tweets, Target added that the console “will only be available in stores with Order Pickup or Drive Up orders.” In other words, you still have to purchase the PlayStation 5 online. You can only pick it up in stores. The retailer clarified:

Everyone is so excited! On the day of launch, the console will only be available in stores with Order Pickup or Drive Up orders. After the launch day, you may be able to purchase directly in stores, if product is still available.

PS5 pre-orders are currently sold out on, but it sounds as though it’ll be restocked on launch day. Unfortunately, the retailer couldn’t offer a time as to when they’ll become available again on launch day, so we don’t know if it’s midnight or throughout the day.

So it sounds like you’ll only be able to purchase the PlayStation 5 online at first and any remaining consoles they get in stock will then hit store shelves. But if history is any indication, you probably won’t be able to find a PS5 in a physical Target store until mid-December or even early 2021. Of course, that was pre-COVID. There’s a chance to keep crowd sizes minimal that the PS5 will continue to be sold online only for the foreseeable future.

Target isn’t the only major retailer leaning on online sales for the PlayStation 5. Best Buy previously said that a limited number of PS5 consoles will be available on Black Friday, but only online. I’m going to assume GameStop, Amazon, and other major retailers will do the same. But, of course, we don’t know how limited these stocks will be.