NBA 2K21: Soundtrack, animations and more teased on the NBA 2K TikTok

NBA 2K’s TikTok shows behind the scenes work on NBA 2K21.

Last week, NBA 2K launched its very own TikTok with the purpose of showcasing exclusive content and teasers for its basketball franchise. With NBA 2K21‘s cover reveal right around the corner, 2K has been leading up to the big event by sharing all sorts of teasers.

None of what has been shared has been actual gameplay but we have gotten to see some cool behind the scenes work. From dunk animations to facial scans to teasers for how quickly the game will load on next-gen consoles, it’s a lot for fans to get excited for ahead of the cover reveal this week.

The first teaser highlighted the motion capturing for dunks. While impressive, this was met with a bit of sarcasm from the fans who jokingly pointed out that this is just the same animations as last year’s game. While that’s possible, I’m sure the work going into this year’s game will look and feel quite different on next-gen consoles. The dunks may be the same but hopefully the animations are much more fluid on the PS5 and Xbox Serise X.

@nba2kBehind the scenes at Mocap ##NBA2K21 🎥♬ original sound – nba2k

Speaking of next-gen consoles, one of the teasers also gave us a look at how quickly NBA 2K21 will load on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It’s fast.

@nba2kMessage from Gameplay Director Mike Wang 🗣 ##NBA2K21

♬ original sound – nba2k

Another teaser showed facial scans for a number of players including Andre Drummond, Bam Adebayo, Brandon Ingram, Nikla Jokic and more. For what it’s worth, I don’t think any of these players are potential cover athletes for NBA 2K21.

The final teaser for the game was a sneak peek at NBA 2K21‘s in-game soundtrack. Among those listed were Polo G, Roddy Ricch, Stormzy, Tory Lanez and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. I’m not even going to pretend that I know who any of them are.

2K will likely continue to share new content for NBA 2K21, including this year’s cover athletes. As previously announced, there will be three superstars on the cover of NBA 2K21 with each one being revealed on a new day between June 30 – July 2.

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