PUBG Continental Series: PUBG Esports set to return in May

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PUBG Corp. has announced the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) as their replacement to its PGS offline events that were postponed in March due to the ongoing pandemic.

PUBG Esports was one of many gaming leagues interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many to wonder how PUBG would proceed with their three major offline events scheduled to take place later this year. Prior to the postponement of PGS: Berlin, fans were gearing up to watch their favorite players and teams compete in PUBG Esports’ inaugural event of 2020.

Ultimately, the event was postponed and it was unclear whether this event or events in the near future would pick up where they left off when circumstances improved. On Friday, PUBG Corp. announced that they’ve decided to cancel the three PGS events scheduled this year, and unveiled a new online structure under a new banner, the PUBG Continental Series.

It’s worth recognizing that PUBG Corp. has made things right with the teams who had already qualified for the now-canceled PGS: Berlin event. The company has decided to disperse the allocated prize money amongst the qualified teams from each region, including the Americas and Chinese regions, which were unable to play their regional finals.

The PUBG Continental Series will feature three online regional events in May, June and August across four regions (Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America). In May, the PUBG Continental Series will kick-off with the PCS Charity Showdown. Each region will play for a $100,000 USD prize pool, with an additional $100,000 USD set aside for the charity of the winner’s choosing.

For the PCS events in June and August, the prize pool will be increased to $200,000 USD for each region’s event. PUBG Esport fans can also expect a return of the ‘Pick’Em Challenge’ that ran during the 2019 PUBG Global Championship, offering rare in-game items for those able to correctly predict the winner of the event.

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Across the three online events, in four regions, the total of prize and charity money being offered up by PUBG is $2.4 Million USD. This is all very exciting news for those awaiting the return of PUBG Esports because it clearly demonstrates that PUBG will not be satisfied with punting on the 2020 season.

PUBG mentions in their announcement that they’ve focused on an increased revenue-sharing model in 2020. This, BY FAR, has been the easiest area of criticism for PUBG Esports. More details are necessary to determine whether or not the new revenue sharing could attract orgs back into PUBG Esports, but any refined focus on this area is welcomed.

It’s clear that PUBG Esports intends to proceed with their operations during these unconventional times, which is a good sign for those longing for more PUBG Esports action. At the end of the day, the experience of top-level PUBG Esports is still one of the most compelling viewer experiences throughout all of esports.