PUBG Pick’Em Challenge: Why you shouldn’t rush to predict the PGC 2019 winner

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The PGC Pick’Em Challenge has arrived along with numerous PGC skins to celebrate the culmination of PUBG Esports’ inaugural season. Each purchase of any new PGC item comes with one ‘voting coupon’, used in-game to predict the winner of PGC 2019 for a chance to win exclusive PGC weapon skins.

The PGC Pick’Em Challenge has fans eager to select their favorite team as the victorious squad of the PUBG Global Championship, however, you may want to hold off on using your valuable voting coupons.

Players acquire a ‘voting coupon’ with each purchase of any new PGC item in-game, those coupons are then used to select the team that you believe will be crowned PUBG Global Champions. With thirty-two of the world’s very best teams aspiring to claim lion share of a $2,000,000 grand prize, selecting the best squad in this short-format tournament won’t be an easy task! Additionally, you can earn one voting coupon by placing Top 10 in a public match. This way, practically every player will have a chance to win the exclusive PGC weapon skins.

While the best teams from around the world converge onto Los Angeles for the Group Stages of PGC 2019, the new in-game feature provides fans with an opportunity to win exclusive PGC weapon skins – if they’re able to predict the winner of PUBG Esports’ largest event of each year. And while the group stage kicks off Friday evening, there are a couple of reasons as to why you should hold off on using those voting coupons.

Unlike the lengthy tournament format that these teams have become accustomed to, the PUBG Global Championship will leave little margin for error with each and every match changing the trajectory of a team’s placement. So for example, arguably the best team in PUBG Esports at the moment, FaZe Clan is known to methodically figure out opponents and mount their final day assault, which has been coined “FaZe Sunday”.

In this format, teams will need to play with a sense of urgency while adapting to new opponents and strategies they’re not as familiar with. This is why it’s possible that some fan favorites are eliminated early, and the biggest reason why you shouldn’t use your voting coupons until the final sixteen teams have been determined for the Grand Finals.

Voting will remain open all the way up until November 22 at 6 PM PT, the day before the Grand Finals begin. However, the sixteen teams will have been determined as of November 18, so if you want to increase your odds of predicting the winning team and claiming those exclusive PGC weapons skins, that’s the date you should log in and use your voting coupons.

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The PGC Pick Em’ Challenge was introduced following PUBG’s announcement that the long-awaited franchise skins with team branding would not make it in-game. This decision was met with heavy criticism, and PUBG’s reasoning did little to silence the critics, “due to the development process and the inability to ensure a high enough quality skin to represent your organization in PUBG.”

Thankfully, PUBG didn’t completely abandon revenue sharing, which has plagued PUBG Esports in its inaugural season, with 50% of revenue from PGC item sales will be shared amongst participating teams. First, 25% will be added to the already $2,000,000 prize pool, the other 25% will be distributed based on the team’s number of votes in the PGC Pick’Em Challenge. This is a start, but it’s a longshot from being guaranteed 25% of team-branded items.

Be sure to tune into the PUBG Global Championship, starting with the group stages on November 8 -10.