TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble PBE release time: How to play

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TFT’s highly anticipated 10th set, Remix Rumble, hits the PBE today. Revealed over the weekend, Remix Rumble feels like a “greatest hits” of all the previous Teamfight Tactics sets.

Of course, we’ve got all new champions and traits. But returning are Portals and Augments along with Headliners (Remix Rumble’s version of Set 4’s Chosen mechanic).

Set 10 is slated to arrive on TFT’s PBE today, November 7th. While there’s no specific time yet, it should be live at some point later this afternoon.

How to play TFT Remix Rumble on PBE

If you’re looking to jump into the new set early and test out all the new champions, traits and mechanics, you’ll have to access the PBE Client.

First, you need to sign up here. Enter your email, birthday and create a username. You’ll be linking your PBE account to your main account, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in good standing (no current bans) and at least Honor level 3.

From there, you can download the PBE client onto your computer. If you need help, check out Riot’s support page

You can also play TFT Remix Rumble PBE on mobile!

For the first time ever, you can now access TFT’s PBE on mobile! As Teamfight Tactics is supported on mobile devices, Riot has finally announed plans to open a limited number of PBE accounts for TFT Mobile-specific feedback.

Riot didn’t confirm if the Mobile PBE will be available the same day as the PC PBE, but they did say they’d start invites in “early November.”

If you’re looking to access the TFT Mobile PBE, you can first register here. Submitting the application doesn’t guarantee access, but if you are approved, you should receive an email along with instructions on how to get started. As this is the first-ever TFT Mobile PBE, Riot warns that this is a testing ground with some bugs and instability.