Teamfight Tactics Set 10 Rumble Remix revealed: A ‘greatest hits of TFT’

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Over the weekend, Riot Games revealed the next set for Teamfight Tactics. Before we get into it, it’s important to note that Set 10 represents a major milestone for the auto-chess battler, which first launched back in 2019.

Not only is it an achievement for the game to have grown in popularity, but Set 10 also marks a shift in how Riot Games will handle TFT moving forward. It’s the first set that will not feature a mid-set update.

And if this is the sort of quality players can expect with this change in release cadence, then TFT will only continue to get better. It feels like the most complete and well-thought-out set we’ve seen for Teamfight Tactics.

As I mentioned, TFT first launched in 2019. As the game has grown and evolved, Riot has introduced new mechanics into the game with each set. Some have lasted just a short time, while others have become a staple in the game.

As TFT gameplay director Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer so perfectly put it, Remix Rumble feels like a “greatest hits of TFT.”

Returning in Remix Rumble are portals. This replaced the first carousel at the start of the game, allowing players to vote on a specific rule that would be applied for that specific game. Although portals are returning in Set 10, Riot noted that they won’t be as game-changing as we saw in Set 9.

Set 9 also introduced the concept of Legends, which will not return in Rumble Remix. Legends were a unique idea that had mixed results and while Riot likes the idea, they want to explore and iterate on the concept some more before revisiting it in a future set.

In place of Legends are Headliners. If you played Set 4, then Headliners will feel quite familiar. It acts similarly to the Chosen mechanic, with special Headliner units occasionally appearing in your store for you to purchase. Headliners are automatically purchased at 2 stars and grant +1 to their traits. Each Headliner also has a special headliner effect that can empower them and their abilities.

Although Headliners are quite similar to Chosen, what makes it unique in Set 10 is that it’s the first time we are paring them with Augments. Introduced in Set 6, Gizmos & Gadgets, Augments are permanent bonuses that are applied to your team for that game. They can affect individual champions, entire traits or classes, or provide you with a one-time item or gold bonus. In the 10 Sets TFT has seen so far, we’ve never had one that combined the Chosen/Headliner mechanic with Augments, so it should be fun to see what sort of unique combinations players come up with.

Mechanic and gameplay-wise, Rumble Remix feels like it could be TFT’s most complete package yet.

Beyond gameplay, Riot has put in the work to make Rumble Remix feel like one of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing sets we’ve ever seen. Not only has the TFT team drawn from already existing League of Legends character skins, like K/DA and Pentakill, but they’ve also created some all-new original skins to help fill some of the gaps.

And as you build out your board, you’ll want to keep your ears open. The champions and traits you combine will impact the background tracks of your match.

Check out the whole dev video for TFT Remix Rumble below.

Teamfight Tactics Set 10 will launch on November 21, 2023.