Clash of Clans February Challenges: Unleash your wild side with the Primal King skin

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There’s no love to be had on the battlefield in Clash of Clans this February, as this season’s skin is the Primal King.

A new season of challenges is upon us in Clash of Clans. As per usual, players who purchase the Gold Pass will gain access to a separate track of rewards that are unlocked by completing certain daily and weekly tasks.

You’d think with Valentine’s Day being in February, this month’s Hero skin would be dripping with love. Well, you’d be wrong.

This keeps us in the Stone Age with the Primal King Hero Skin. It’s a continuation from January’s Primal Warden skin that was created for the Grand Warden.

The Primal King looks like something you’d see in The Flintstones, as he wields a massive dinosaur bone and dons a bear hide on his arm and shoulder for armor. Personally, I’ve been clamoring for more seasonal-themed skins but this one is actually pretty cool.

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Unlocking the Primal King skin requires that you purchase the Gold Pass for $4.99 and then complete enough tasks to unlock it. He is unlocked at the final tier of the Gold Pass track, which requires 2,600 points. Of course, you’ll unlock all sorts of other rewards along the way.

There’s also the Season Bank, which fills as you gain loot from battles. At the end of the season, the Season Bank will withdraw and deposit those stored resources into your storages.

Primal King is the second skin created for the Barbarian King in three months. In December, Supercell celebrated the holidays with a Jolly King skin. In addition to January’s Primal Warden, Supercell released the Warrior Queen, a separate skin for the Archer skin to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We’ve yet to get a special skin for the Royale Champion, Clash of Clans‘ fourth hero, who was introduced back in December with the Town Hall 13 update.