Marvel Super War: Ancient One is the next new hero, arriving Thursday

Marvel and NetEase Games
Marvel and NetEase Games /

NetEase has teased the next new hero coming to Marvel Super War. Check out the abilities of Ancient One before she arrives on January 30.

Hot on the heels of Doctor Strange, comes the next new hero for Marvel Super War. And who better to join in on the action than his mentor, Ancient One?

Keeping up with the theme of the mystic arts, Sorcerer Supreme – Ancient One will arrive on the battlefield of Marvel Super War on Thursday, January 30. Ahead of her release, NetEase has shared a gameplay video showcasing her abilities.

At first glance, she seems pretty strong.  A master of the mystic arts, the Ancient One manipulates the forces of magic to deal damage to her enemies and gain an advantage on the battlefield.

She has a teleport ability and can clone herself as a distraction. Perhaps her most interesting ability is one in which she swaps places with an enemy. If played correctly, this could set up some amazing plays and provide an advantage in engagements.

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Ancient One will be the second Energy class character in a row, following the release of Doctor Strange who arrived alongside Season One. I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised to see another Energy class character so soon, especially since there are 10 others already. Considering there are only six Marksman and five Support heroes currently in the game, I thought NetEase would, for sure, add to these.

Instead, Ancient One joins the likes of Iron Man, Loki, Storm, Magneto, Jubilee, Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Emma Frost, Human Torch and Doctor Strange. She’s the game’s 46th character and fourth new hero added since its launch. Namor and Ghost were the other two.

With the release of Doctor Strange and Ancient One, some believe Wong could be the next hero released. Others would like to see more X-Men added to the game. The Season One trailer seemed to hint that Wolverine could be coming, but nothing has been announced as of us.

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As for us, we have our own list of Marvel heroes we’d like to see added to Marvel Super War. Of course, we’d prefer the game first launch globally. As of right now, Marvel Super War is still only available in select SEA countries and there’s no word on when it will be released in the United States or Europe.