Marvel Super War: Doctor Strange arrives alongside Season 1 next week

Marvel and NetEase Games
Marvel and NetEase Games /

Marvel Super War will launch its first official season on January 16. Arriving that day will also be a new hero, Doctor Strange.

Marvel Super War, the first-ever MOBA game featuring Marvel’s robust cast of characters, has been out for a few weeks now — but only in select regions.  During this “soft launch” period, the game has technically been in pre-season. Kicking off next week, however, will be the game’s first competitive season.

According to NetEase, Season 1 of Marvel Super War will begin on January 16. The developer hasn’t shared much in terms of details for the upcoming season, but did share the various ranks and trophies that represent each.

It seems there will be nine individual ranks, ranging from Mighty Iron to Supreme Legendary Master. We don’t know specifics in terms of what it will require to move between brackets or other details, but that will presumably be coming soon.

After the exhilarating Pre-season, MARVEL Super War launches its first official season!On January 16th, Season 1…

Posted by MARVEL Super War on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Also arriving on January 16 will be a new playable hero, Doctor Strange. The Supreme Sorcerer will arrive as a Power class and he’ll deal Energy-based damage. Marvel Super War essentially uses the terminology “Energy” and “Power” synonymously for what would normally be considered a “Mage” class in most MOBAs.

NetEase shared a gameplay video highlighting Doctor Strange’s abilities, and he looks awesome. Check him out below.

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Doctor Strange is the third new hero to arrive in Marvel Super War since launch. NetEase has been expanding the roster at breakneck speed.

Just last week, Ghost, a new assassin, was released. And prior to her, Namor, the half-human and half-Atlantean tank arrived.

Doctor Strange will be the game’s 45th character. He is the 10th Energy character, joining the likes of Iron Man, Loki, Storm, Magneto, Jubilee, Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Emma Frost and Human Torch.

Unfortunately, despite Season 1 rapidly approaching, NetEase has not yet announced when Marvel Super War will become available globally. Currently, the game is only available in Asia and India; however, there are some workarounds if you’re eager to play now in the United States.