Marvel Super War Season 1 Tournament play kicks off without U.S. release

Marvel and NetEase Games
Marvel and NetEase Games /

The first tournament season of Marvel Super War is officially underway, but fans in the U.S. and other countries are still waiting for the official release.

It was a big day for NetEase Games as their Marvel-themed MOBA, Marvel Super War, officially kicked off its first tournament season today. The update features a new hero, skin series and more.

As previously previewed, arriving alongside Season 1 is the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange is now a playable hero and he packs quite a powerful magic punch. Doctor Strange is classified as a “Power” character with energy-based damage, which is just Marvel Super War‘s way of saying he’s a mage.

It seems that the biggest highlight of the update is the Space War series of epic skins. Both Captain America and Black Panther are the first to receive their Planetary Defender space suits. NetEase has put together an entire background for these skins for those interested in the game’s lore.

With the first season also comes the first Battle Pass because as a free-to-play game, NetEase does need some way to generate revenue. The Battle Pass offers specific quests that help you unlock various cosmetic rewards, including a greater chance to obtain Magneto’s Epic Skin.

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The start of the first tournament should be exciting news, but it’s dampened by the fact that Marvel Super War still hasn’t been released worldwide. Right now, the game is only available in the Southeast Asia region, specifically Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India.

Unfortunately, NetEase has still not yet announced when Marvel Super War will officially release in the United States. I was hoping for some sort of announcement to coincide with the start of Season 1, but no such luck.

We don’t know when it will be released globally but the good news is that it doesn’t entirely matter. There’s a pretty easy workaround for both Android and iOS that allows those in the United States to play Marvel Super War right now. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best we’ve got right now.