NBA 2K20 ratings update #2: Mavericks star Luka Doncic soars into the top 10

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The eagerly awaited player ratings update for NBA 2K20 arrived and Dallas Mavericks small forward Luka Doncic is the biggest winner.

Dallas Mavericks superstar small forward Luka Doncic is on the rise. After being boosted to 90 overall in NBA 2K20 earlier this month, the second player ratings update — which arrived on Thursday — has bumped him up another three overall points. He now sits at a 93 overall, which puts him among the top 10 best-rated players in the game.

Doncic is off to a red-hot start to the season. Through 14 games, he’s averaging 29.9 points, 10.6 rebounds and 9.4 assists per game. The 20-year-old phenom is setting all sorts of new benchmarks, including becoming the youngest player with consecutive 35-point triple-doubles. If he’s not breaking records, he’s hitting milestones that put him in the mix with some elite company.

Suffice to say, his six-point ratings boost since the release of NBA 2K20 and the start of the NBA season has been well-deserved. With the latest ratings adjustments, this is what the new list of top-10 best-rated players in NBA 2K20 looks like. The parenthesis next to some of the players denotes that their ratings were adjusted with this update.

  1. LeBron James – 97 overall
  2. Kawhi Leonard – 97 overall
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96 overall
  4. Kevin Durant – 96 overall
  5. James Harden – 96 overall
  6. Steph Curry – 95 overall
  7. Anthony Davis – 94 overall
  8. Paul George: 94 OVR (+1)
  9. Luka Doncic: 93 OVR (+3)
  10. Karl-Anthony Towns: 91 OVR (+1)
  11. Joel Embiid: 91 OVR (-1)
  12. Kyrie Irving: 91 OVR (-1)

Unfortunately, for Mavericks fans, fellow star Kristaps Porzingis didn’t receive the same love as his teammate. Porzingis dropped two overall points and now sits at an 85 overall after a slow and uneventful start to the season.

Minnesota Timberwolves small forward Andrew Wiggins was among the biggest gainers with this update. The sixth-year player is one of the biggest early surprises this season, averaging 25.6 points, 5.3 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. His four-point boost now puts him at an 84 overall rating.

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Interestingly, Russell Westbrook, who is one-half of the Houston Rockets dynamic duo alongside James Harden, dropped two overall points. The 31-year-old point guard is averaging 21.8 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game, which seems pretty good to start the season. But apparently his performance thus far hasn’t been deemed worthy enough for the 90 overall that he had to start the season.

As a funny side note, 2K noted that Ben Simmons three-point rating has been bumped up 12 points. The Philadelphia 76ers star made his first three-point of his career on Wednesday. It was his 172nd NBA game. In fairness to him, he has only attempted 17 three-point shots in his more than two seasons in the league and eight of those were considered heaves. After today’s update, he now has a 47 three-point rating in NBA 2K20.

The full list of rating changes can be found here. Let us know your thoughts on the latest NBA 2K20 player ratings update in the comments below.