TFT Set 2: Rise of the Elements Pass brings better rewards, QoL improvements

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With the arrival of Set 2, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is making some changes to the rewards pass for Rise of the Elements.

Champions, origins and classes aren’t the only things changing with the arrival of Set 2 for Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Also changing with Rise of the Elements is the reward pass.

Ahead of the highly anticipated refresh for TFT, Riot Games has detailed the upcoming Rise of the Elements Pass. For those unfamiliar, TFT‘s rewards pass is comparable to what other games refer to as a Season Pass or Battle Pass; you complete weekly missions to earn experience that unlocks rewards, such as map chromas, Little Legends and other cosmetics.

The Rise of the Elements Pass will function in large part like the previous Beta Pass, but Riot is tweaking parts of it to make it a more enjoyable experience and less of an annoying grind.

For starters, it will be available for the entire length of the Rise of the Elements set. Set 1 was actually divided into three beta periods, each with their own pass and rewards track, which meant a more rushed grind and less time overall with each pass. Riot didn’t specify how long Rise of the Elements will last, but Set 1 lasted for multiple months and saw the addition of new champions and items.

In addition to more time, Riot is giving players more flexibility. The Orb of Enlightenment will no longer refresh every day. I assume with this change that Riot will be adjusting the XP it grants. Previously, you would receive 70 XP daily by logging in plus 10 additional XP for the next five games played (up to 50 XP per day). Will this 120 XP now just be divided over three days? It’s possible given that the Rise of the Elements Pass will run longer.

Missions are also being adjusted slightly. Some weeks will feature “larger missions” that require a couple of days to finish. You will have access to these missions for the entire week, but there will be fewer of them.

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Overall, these are all pretty positive changes, especially for those who can’t play Teamfight Tactics every day. As someone who is married with a kid, it’s hard for me to log in every day and play five games for the maximum Orb XP — despite how much I’d love to be able to play this game for hours on end. And I know I’m not the only one in this type of situation. Life gets in the way and it’s nice to see developers catering to those with a busier schedule.

Riot didn’t reveal the exact rewards for the Rise of the ElementsPass but did confirm you’ll be able to earn four map chromas that are based on the four core elements of the set: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean and Cloud. It’s also doing away with summoner icons, upgrading these smaller rewards to emotes. And finally, there will be two little legends eggs, a Set 1 Egg and a Set 1-3 Rare Egg.

Interestingly, Riot has opted not to charge players for access to the Rise of the Elements pass. I definitely thought this would become a source of revenue for the mode, much like other publishers charge for their battle passes.

TFT Rise of the Elements will arrive on November 6 with patch 9.22. It will introduce all of the Set 2 champions, origins and traits, but ranked play will be disabled until at least November 19 (patch 9.23) to ensure there are no game-breaking bugs.