League of Legends: When is Arena Mode coming back?

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Millions of gamers login to play League of Legends each day. More than 10 million players play League of Legends each day, and there are currently more than 150 million players that are registered in the database. Of course, these stats vary from month to month and day to day, but the point is that there are still a ton of gamers who play League of Legends.

One of the most popular game modes in League of Legends was the Arena Mode that took place during the Soul Fighter Event. The Soul Fighter Event was one of the most popular in-game events that has ever took place in League and there was one part of the event that had everyone talking about it. Of course, I am referring to the Arena Game Mode.

The Arena Game Mode was a mode that pit four teams of two against one another. Teams would take turns fighting one another and would have the chance to power up at the end of each round. When there would be one team left standing, that team would be declared the winner. Each battlefield that you would fight on would be different with a different theme.

This Arena Mode proved to be a huge success and a majority of gamers didn’t want to stop playing it. Unfortunately, on August 28, the Soul Fighter Event ended and so did their time playing Arena as well. The Arena Game Mode was removed at the end of the event. This caused a lot of sadness throughout the League community, and everyone wanted to know if that was the last we have ever seen of Arena.

Luckily, it was confirmed that League of Legends players will be seeing Arena again the future. In a League of Legends Dev update on YouTube, Riot Games announced that Arena would be returning this December.

December is still nearly three months away, but this allows the Arena team to make many improvements and updates to this game mode so that it lives up to expectations and then some upon a return.

Many gamers are offering their opinion that Arena should become a permanent game mode in the future. While it is unlikely that Riot Games would choose to do this, you never know what they have planned up their sleeves. With how popular Arena has become over the past couple of months, it will come as no surprise to see this game mode added into the game on a fairly regular basis throughout next year.

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