League of Legends next new champion: Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, revealed

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Meet Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, and then newest champion coming to League of Legends next.

Riot Games has begun to tease the next new champion coming to League of Legends. Her name is Qiyana and she’s an “Empress of the Elements.”

What this means exactly remains to be seen, but she’s certainly an intriguing-looking champion. Before we get into what we do know about her, first check out her reveal teaser.

Okay, so she has raised jungles, shaped lands and commanded rivers. She’s clearly quite powerful. But what role will she fill?

Well, in Riot’s previously posted roadmap, the developer teased that the next new champion coming to League would be a solo lane AD assassin. Qiyana’s elemental powers suggest more of an AP-based champion, but she’s also wielding a giant ring-like scythe.

Perhaps she will be primarily AD-focused, with her abilities provided some sort of magical effect. Or as previously suggested, her being in tune with the elements will allow Qiyana to manipulate the map and foliage around her to her benefit.

Qiyana will also introduce a brand new faction who hails from a place called Ixaocan, a mysterious place tucked away deep within the jungles of Runeterra hidden from the rest of the world.

Here’s what Riot previously said of Qiyana when they first teased her:

"This champion’s arrival will send you deep into the jungles of Runeterra where a brand new faction, hidden from the rest of the world, will reveal itself. This assassin has powers which give them all the elements they need to use their surroundings in clever and innovative ways."

In addition to her reveal teaser, Riot also revealed splash art and a theme song for the Empress of the Elements. It has a sort of exotic, tribal vibe, painting an intruiging picture for Ixaocan. I, for one, can’t wait to see more.

Qiyana’s abilities have not yet been revealed and we still don’t have a release date for her. We’ll hopefully see a full champion reveal in the next week or so.

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Qiyana arrives on the heels of another new champion, Yuumi, the Magical Cat, who arrived a month ago. Riot recently spoke about the rate in which they release new champions, explaining that the focus for the remainder of 2019 will be on releasing more new champions in addition to visual and gameplay updates for existing older champions.

Mordekaiser’s rework was recently revealed and up Pantheon should also be getting an update. Fiddlesticks and Volibear will be the next two champions getting updated after a recent fan vote.

As for new champions, up next after Qiyana is a “very non-traditional marksman” who will arrive later this year.

What do you think of the upcoming League of Legends champion?