League of Legends new champion, Yuumi: The Magical Cat revealed

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League of Legends’ next new champion is a magical cat. Meet Yuumi, the new support champion with a high skill cap.

Just days after posting their champion roadmap and confirming plans to release new characters at a more frequent pace, Riot Games has officially revealed the next champion coming to League of Legends. Meet Yuumi: The Magic Cat.

Riot released a trailer showcasing the whimsical new character and her abilities. Yuumi is a support champion with a versatile ability kit and what looks like a high skill cap.

As you can see in the trailer, Yuumi has a unique mechanic in which she can attach herself to nearby ally champions with her “You and Me! (W)” ability. While attached, Yuumi becomes invincible to enemy champions, although she is still susceptible to tower damage. She also must follow her partner’s movements and is only able to damage enemies with her abilities, which fire from her ally’s locations.

As detailed by Riot, each of Yuumi’s abilities varies slightly when attached to an ally. Her passive, “Bop ‘n’ Block,” restores mana and grants her a shield upon attacking an enemy “every so often.” If attached, the shield protects her ally.

Yuumi’s “Prowling Projectile” (Q) ability fires a magic missile that damages the first enemy hit, but also deals bonus damage and slows enemies if it is “in flight long enough.” If attached to an ally, the person playing Yuumi is able to direct the missile with their mouse.

Her “Zoomies” (E) ability heals and grants a burst of movement speed to Yuumi or the target if attached.

Her ultimate, “Final Chapter” (R), launches waves of magic damage that root enemies. Yuumi si also able to move, attach to ally champions and heal while using her ultimate.

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Upon first glance, Yuumi looks like an incredibly fun champion, but one that will also require great teamwork and communication. By attaching to an ally, you are essentially relying on them for correct positioning. One wrong move by your ally can result in both of you getting caught out of position and an immediate advantage for the enemy team.

That said, with a good bottom lane partner and strong communication, Yuumi looks like a powerful support champion with tons of versatility. We’ll have to see how she scales late game but based on her kit alone, she looks like a worthy support champion. I probably wouldn’t recommend her with randoms, but I have no doubt that highly skilled players will excel with her in competitive play.

Yuumi is scheduled to hit the PBE on April 30 before arriving on the live servers on May 14. In this month’s roadmap, Riot Games teased the next new champion will be a solo lane AD assassin who will also introduce a new faction. And after that, we’re getting a “very non-traditional marksman.”

For now, though, let us know what you think of Yuumi: The Magical Cat.