League of Legends patch 9.10 adds Yuumi and Battle Academia skins

Riot Games
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Yuumi, the Magical Cat, champion balance changes and all-new Battle Academia skins highlight League of Legends patch 9.10.

As announced on the game’s websiteLeague of Legends patch 9.10 is set to arrive tomorrow, May 14. Servers will go down at around 3:00 p.m. PT with maintenance lasting around three hours.

Ahead of the update’s arrival, Riot Games has released the full patch notes. While patch 9.10 is not as large as some previous updates, it does pack quite a few exciting additions, including the arrival of a new champion.

Yuumi, the Magical, will make her grand debut with the update. Revealed last month, Yuumi is a support champion with a high skill cap. She’s unlike any champion in the game thus far in that she has a unique mechanic where she can attach herself to nearby ally champions. In doing so, she is forced to follow her partner’s movements; however, she is immune to all damage from enemy champions while being able to damage them with her abilities.

Also arriving with League of Legends patch 9.10 is the previously previewed Battle Academia skins. Inspired by shounen anime, such as My Hero Academia, the new Battle Academia skins re-imagine several characters attendees of an elite battle school. Ezreal, Lux, Jayce and Katarina are each dressed in student attire. Graves, meanwhile, takes on the role of professor. Donning a fancy long coat, he solves an equation on a magic board as part of his recall. Newly added champion Yuumi is the school’s principal, causing some mischief on a desk.

League of Legends patch 9.10
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As far as gameplay goes, patch 9.10 features some changes  to what Riot calls “the more spicy champions across various skill brackets.” Master Yi, Riven and Vayne have each received slight nerfs, making them more manageable to play against.

Master Yi has had just about all of his abilities adjusted – some buffed, some nerfed – which Riot says will not make the champion feel “significantly better or worse.” The goal, it seems, was to put him in a place where he won’t dominate in average play by more experienced players.

Riven has also been changed so that she’s less frustrating to play against in lane. An increased cooldown to her “Valor” ability should create “more points of vulnerability.” To offset that, she will be able to cast “Broken Wings” more frequently.

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Vayne’s Tumble cooldown reduction for “Final Hour” will now scale with level, preventing her from ramping “up a little too early” in match. Riot is hoping the changes will “lessen her power spike at level 6.”

Overall, I agree with Riot’s assessment. These characters aren’t necessarily overpowered when played everyone; however, in the right hands, under the right circumstances they can ramp up to the point where they can dominate a match against average players. An early lead with these characters would often result in a snowball effect, so hopefully these changes curb their power early on.

Other characters that have seen changes in patch 9.10 include Caitlyn, Fiora, Brand, Graves, Shaco, Soraka, Tryndamere and Xin Zhao. Check out the full change-log for League of Legends patch 9.10, arriving tomorrow.