NPL competitive ruling on Team Envy and The Rumblers fisticuffs

Courtesy @PUBGEsports/Twitter
Courtesy @PUBGEsports/Twitter /

PUBG Esports have made a competitive ruling on the Team Envy vs The Rumblers fistfight that occurred during the group stage at the Phase 2 NPL Royale.

A competitive ruling was announced on Tuesday involving both four-man rosters from Team Envy and The Rumblers. These eight players have each been fined $250 for, “not playing to the best of their abilities and colluding to play according to standards outside the official set of rules”.

Team Envy: Moody, Interrogate, PAT_KAPS, Venerated

The Rumblers: Microfry, LosHD, Godspeed, Waldoe

The event took place during the closing match of group play after both teams had already qualified for the NPL Royale finals. As the match began, both teams unexpectedly dropped into Mylta Power with no intentions of looting. The eight players immediately met and proceeded to have a fist fight until one team was eliminated. Team Envy knocked out The Rumblers and eventually went on to win the tournament on Sunday.

Despite PUBG‘s condemnation of the events, onlookers, including the teams’ fellow NPL competitors, reacted positively to the fist fight. Personally, I was surprised to see this happening on the NPL stage. Resembling something like, Twitch Rivals more so than the National PUBG League. Ultimately everyone had a great time spectating Mylta Power Fight Club, and that’s the most important part.

To be fair, this was the first glaring act of “collusion” and PUBG needed to set their stance concerning similar actions occurring in the future. The decision was explicit that neither team had “malicious intent” however, stated the teams had violated the Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset (SUPER) Code of Conduct.

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"All eight players were found to be in violation of Section 5.2 Best Ability and Section 5.3 Collusion and Match-Fixing of the SUPER:5.2 Best AbilityCompetitors must always attempt to compete at their best ability and use their best effort during any Match and avoid any behavior that is inconsistent with principles of sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and fair play.5.3 Collusion and Match-FixingCompetitors shall not participate in any act of collusion or match-fixing. Collusion is defined as any agreement between two or more Competitors to cheat, deceive, or disadvantage opposing Competitors. Collusion includes, but is not limited to the following:Agreeing to any ruleset outside of the official rulesWorsening performance or losing a Match or encouraging another Competitor to do soDeliberately losing for any reason or encouraging another Competitor to do soPre-arranging the splitting of prize money or any other form of compensationSending or receiving any signals or messaging to opposing CompetitorsMatch-fixing is defined as offering, agreeing, conspiring, or influencing the outcome of any Match by means that are prohibited by law or these rules."

Honestly, it was entertaining. In a match that had little meaning for these two teams, they offered a unique spectacle for the viewers. While it was likely a one-off event between teams with little to lose, PUBG Corp. has made sure of it with this slap on the wrist.

The fifth and final weekend of NPL Phase 2 begins this Saturday, June 8th at 2:00 PM PST.