The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours won’t go live with Title Update 3 this week

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In this week’s State of the Game, Ubisoft confirmed that Title Update 3 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will go live this week.

Update: Title Update 3 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will officially arrive today.

Previously slated to arrive last month, Ubisoft delayed Title Update 3 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 until May. The reasoning behind the delay was so that Ubisoft could first focus on addressing issues found in the previously released Title Update 2, which introduced the Tidal Basin stronghold.

With Title Update 3 bringing the long-awaited 8-player raid, Operation Dark Hours, Ubisoft wanted to ensure that the issues with other aspects of the game were ironed out first. This delay would not only allow Ubisoft to properly test changes in Title Update 3 but also allow for the developer’s entire focus on what it introduces and changes in the game itself, without having to worry about older content.

In any case, Title Update 3 has been in testing since last month and this week, Ubisoft finally shut down the Public Test Server after what the developer called “very successful.” That essentially means Title Update 3 is ready to go.

In this week’s State of the Game post, Ubisoft confirmed that Title Update 3 will go live in The Division 2 “next week” (the week of May 12 – May 18). Unfortunately, Operation Dark Hours, the highly anticipated 8-player raid will not be arriving with it.

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Operation Dark Hours will be added with the update; however, it won’t open until “shortly after.”  The phrase is subjective and could mean one day later, or one week later. Ubisoft urges players to keep an eye on the social channels.

Ubisoft didn’t explain why the raid won’t open up immediately, but it could be that Ubisoft wants to first ensure all of the gameplay changes and balance adjustments are in tune. With players having so much time in between Title Update 2 and Title Update 3, I can’t imagine that the decision to keep it closed has anything to do with allowing players to get properly equipped with Gear Score.

In fact, one of the biggest changes announced in the State of the Game was that Title Update 3 will not increase The Division 2‘s current Gear Score cap. Ubisoft was previously planning to bump the max Gear Score up to 515, but player feedback encouraged the developer to keep it at 500.

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Beyond the Gear Score itself, Title Update 3 will bring all sorts of gear and loot changes, along with a rework of recalibration and crafting. There are also a ton of gameplay adjustments and bug fixes, which you can read all about here.

Title Update 3 will undoubtedly be The Division 2‘s largest post-launch content update to date, so it’s understandable why Ubisoft is taking extra precautions with it. Rushing out a bug-riddled update will only frustrate players. I’d rather them take the time and ensure everything works properly.