Clash of Clans optional update addresses Spring 2019 update bugs and crashes

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Following the release of the Clash of Clans spring 2019 update, Supercell Games rolled out an optional update addresses bugs and crash issues.

Supercell Games has released a new update for Clash of Clans, the first since rolling out the spring 2019 update. Today’s update is completely optional but does offer fixes for some pretty big issues that can cause the game to crash.

Most notably, the update fixes a crash on launch that has been affecting “some Sony devices.” Perhaps more widespread, a fix has been made to an issue that was causing the game to crash when taking a boat to visit another player.

In addition to those two issues, today’s update addresses some animation issues along with smaller visual and UI bugs. The Builder Base Wall should also have the correct upgrade cost shown.

As far as the spring 2019 update is concerned, Supercell has a mega-thread where players can submit any bugs they’ve found.

The spring 2019 update arrived on Tuesday, April 2, introducing the eagerly awaited Season Challenges. Completing these daily and weekly challenges provide points that go towards unlocking rewards for the Siler or Gold Pass, which is essentially the Clash of Clans version of a season pass. Seasons last for the entirety of the month and at the very end can reward you with a ton of stored up resources along with unique Hero skins if you purchase the Gold Pass ($4.99).

Season Challenges Have Arrived!

Get ready for the SEASON CHALLENGES, Chief! Complete daily and weekly challenges to win awesome rewards, or upgrade to the Gold Pass to get even greater rewards – including an exclusive Gladiator King skin!

Posted by Clash of Clans on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

In addition to Season Challenges, the update also brought some pretty massive changes to the in-game economy. This included lowering the cost and duration of time it takes to upgrade troops and buildings. The update also brought new troop and building levels, bigger Clan War Leagues, and numerous quality of life improvements.

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Overall, it was a pretty massive update to the game which, in my opinion, was aimed at increasing the player activity and encouraging more active gameplay. The reduced time it takes to upgrade buildings and troops should allow newer players the chance get to a stage where they can compete, or at least hold their own, against players who have been around for much longer.

The Season Challenges also encourage players to log in daily whereas before they might only log in a few times a week to check on the progress of their upgrades.

It wasn’t the flashiest update in terms of new troops, spells, or buildings, but this update certainly packs a much-needed punch.